5-3-10 – The Bookworms.

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I think I’ve mentioned before that we put the kittens in the guest bedroom at night so that we can, you know, SLEEP. I was pretty sure that there’d be all kinds of hijinks if we let them stay out in the house, and I really like my sleep.

Last night, we couldn’t find Maura at bedtime (she looks so much like Maxi that I’m always worried Fred will accidentally let Maura out thinking that she’s Maxi. Hasn’t happened yet, but there’s always a first time!), so we looked for her, and then decided that she had to be in the guest bedroom with the kittens. She was, so Fred got her out of there (which, in retrospect, is kind of dumb. I think she (and they) would have been perfectly fine locked in that room together overnight) and when he shut the door, he apparently didn’t shut it all the way. This morning, when he went to let the kittens out, they were already out.

I have no idea at what point during the night they got out. I guess we’ll be leaving them out all the time from now on – I slept just fine last night, no hijinks or loud crashes or hissing and growling at all!








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Joe Bob, glaring at Sugarbutt, who’s all “What? I’m just rolling around, here. I’m not gonna steal your box!”


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