10-14-20 Wednesday

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In case you missed it on social media yesterday…

Athos went home last night!

I delivered him myself, and when I left he was stomping around his new home with his tail held high. He’ll be renamed, but they hadn’t come to an agreement what his new name will be; I’ll report on that when I know.

This brings us to the end of the Mewsketeers’ stay with us (though of course we’ll always have a Mewsketeer in the form of Charlie-formerly-Aramis). They were with us for a total of 89 days (or 2 months, 3 weeks, 6 days if you prefer), from July 15 to October 13. They weren’t born here, but it kind of feels like they were, doesn’t it?

Today’s post will include the rest of my Athos pictures, starting with Athos in mid-July and yesterday.

He’s always been a cutie, yes he has.

Curled up with Charlie.



He caught sight of that fly on the windowsill and found it fascinating.

Just. So. CUTE.


Continuing on with the Glamour Shots pictures of the Vittles, today we have the litter I think of as “the Nubs” because none of them have anything approaching a full tail. (“Are they manxes?” is the most common question, and if you’re asking “Do they have no tails?” then a few of them have tiny little nub tails and a couple of them have no tails at all. If you’re asking “Are they Manx breed kittens?” then all I can tell you is that their mother is a long-haired dilute tortie with a full tail and I have zero clue what their father looks like, though I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that he’s either got a short tail or no tail at all.)

French Fry (girl). This doesn’t really show her tail – or lack thereof – but you can rest assured that she has no tail.

Funnel Cake (boy).

Hush Puppy (boy) (I keep trying to call him Hash Brown; I have no idea why that is.) He’s got a very very short tail.

Onion Ring (boy). Also no tail!

Tater Tot (girl). She’s got a teeny little nub of a tail.

This litter of kittens is 12 weeks old as of yesterday; their weights range from 2 pounds, 7 ounces (French Fry) to 3 pounds, 1 ounce (Onion Ring.) They’re a very friendly bunch of muffins.


Jake wonders if more kittens in the kitten room will eventually mean more kitten food in his mouth.


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10-14-20 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. I love how Jake always looks on the bright side of things. Instead of moaning over there being too many kittens in his space, he instead reminds himself of how this could mean kitten crunchies for him to snack on…

  2. Will these little ones need to be spayed/neutered? If yes, when will that begin? Some seem heavy enough already.

    • Yes, they all need to be spayed/neutered, but I’m not sure when that’ll happen. We wait to spay/neuter ’til they’re at least 3 pounds, and I expect that the bob-tailed/non-tailed kittens to hit that mark (as a group) first. I think it would be easiest to do them in groups of 5, but it all depends on when we can get them in. The vet FF uses (as well as most local vets) are slammed right now.

  3. Tater Tot looks SO MUCH like what I suspect my Penelope would have looked like as a kitten. She went over the Rainbow Bridge last year (at age 16) but was a medium haired grey and white cat with a splotchy grey nose, white feet, and just a lil nub of a tail.

  4. This featured bunch of kittens’ mom is a longhair dilute tortie with a full tail? Squee! I have the desire to snuggle her… but was she the feral? She’d probably be having zero of my nonsense. But friendly kittens, yay!

    • I’m not sure whether she’s full-on feral, but she’s definitely on the scared side. Hopefully Michelle will be able to charm her.

  5. I don’t know if I could’ve let Athos go. He just has personality and he’s so adorable. I hope that he has a wonderful loving life ahead of him and his new home. Somebody just got lucky with him

    • (And I should say that he’s gone to a wonderful family, and seeing him stomp around his new (gorgeous) home with his tail held high was wonderful given that he was actually the more skittish one from that litter. The first time Amy came to see them, it took him about 20 minutes before he’d even come out of hiding.)

  6. Since. tails are supposed to help cats balance, it will be interesting to compare the Nubs’ antics with the other kittens who have tails.

  7. These have to be Manx… From what I’ve read kittens will be too deformed and not make it from two Manx breading so only one parent can have the Manx gene. I lost my 2nd Manx, named Jam, just a few days before my birthday in July. She had cancer and beat it once surviving 5 years after treatment… she was 9. I would like to have another Manx but I have 4 rescues… one who showed up right after I lost my baby and he is about 6 months old. I know you want people to adopt in pairs and will be able to find them homes. If true Manx they prefer to be in smaller households. One or two people and the only cat or one of two. I used to joke my Jam was not a cat person. She put up with the others I rescued but always slept near the kitty I adopted her to be a companion for… Traffic & Jam. Now Traffic has two other boys and one girl to keep him company but I still feel a void without Jam. Anyway… I will keep following and see what happens with them.