2-16-17 Thursday

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Carla Mae, having escaped the back forty yet again, wandered up onto the side stoop.

She decided to stop and set a spell. As she sat and watched the side yard, she suddenly felt eyes upon her.



Then she stomped off, leaving a present behind.


Dewey gets his Kravitz on – but finds us kind of boring.


Frankie Report.

He’s eating well.

VERY well (those watermarks are tasty.)

He’s moving around the house more – he intended to sleep in the window bed, found Dennis there, and curled up on top of the blue thing instead.

Since we’ve had him, Frankie has gained 10 ounces. This is due 100% to Fred’s efforts: Fred makes a soup out of canned cat food and water (there might be some goat milk in there, too) and feeds Frankie 4 – 5 times a day, frets if he has a day where he doesn’t eat enough, and just generally hovers.

Frankie has stopped screaming when he eats or if he yawns too big. Every now and then he’ll yelp if he yawns, but that’s become rare.

So all in all, in the past three weeks, Frankie has improved an incredible amount. I’d like to see him put on another couple of pounds, but he’s doing great so far.


OH, that serious little face. I sure do love that Sheriff Mama.


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