1-9-18 Tuesday

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Since we moved into this house, I walk into the kitchen every morning to find three or four of the cats sitting around one of the floor vents, staring at it.

Archie, Frankie and Newt.

Stefan and Frankie.

Jake and Archie.

Jake’s like “What does he mean they ‘float’ down there?”

The people who owned this house before us had a dog – a Husky, I think, though I don’t really know dog breeds – and that spot is the perfect location for a dog to flop down and snooze. I suspect the cats can smell the dog smell coming out of that vent, and are probably trying to figure out what it is.

When we first moved into Shady Cove, Fred would tell me that the kitchen smelled “particularly doggy” every morning. Changing out the air filters helped a lot, but I’m sure the cats still smell something. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there’s a clown or something else down there. Jake DID stomp off muttering “There’s no drum down there, red or otherwise!” the other day…


Now that the screened porch is mostly done and one of the cat doors to the porch is in place, it naturally began raining. Archie, Kara, and Stefan went in and out several times, and once I put a cat bed in one of the chairs, Archie stayed out. I’ll put a couple of self-warming beds out there at some point, and I think we’re going to stuff the cat houses with straw so they can stay nice and warm while they glare at the rainy days.

Our initial plan was to have a half wall around the bottom of the screened porch, but our budget didn’t allow for that (what I actually would have liked was a heated and cooled sunroom, but our budget REALLY didn’t allow for that), so we opted for the full screen.

It’s supposed to be warmer for a few days this week, so I imagine the cats will be more interested in spending time out there – but for now they’re staying snuggled up inside.

“WUT.” (Newt)

“WUT.” (Alice Mo.)

“Sheriffin’ is cancelled for today.” (Kara)

Baleful Khal.


It’s been a while since I shared this.

YouTube link


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