11-13-17 Monday

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For those of you who missed the news on Instagram or Facebook, the potential adopter did not make it here to meet Aurora and Stardust, and opted to wait and see if they’re still available after Thanksgiving. So the girls went to Petsmart on Friday along with Mercury, Telstar and Hubble. The kittens are in one (large) cage, and Mercury’s in a cage by herself. The boys were nervous when I put them in the cage, the girls were ready to play, and Mercury curled up in her bed and went to sleep. There were no adoptions over the weekend, but hopefully soon. (I will, of course, let y’all know when adoptions happen.)

Here are the last of the pictures I took of them, about ten minutes before I put them into carriers and took them off to Petsmart. I have to say – Mercury and her kittens are very quiet travelers; I only heard the occasional questioning meow on the drive from here to Petsmart, which was a drive of about 45 minutes.

It looks like I’m lecturing Aurora here, but I was actually reaching in to scratch her forehead.

Hubble and his mama.

His little face is cracking me UP.

Stardust (left) and Aurora, from above.

Telstar from above.

Last family portrait. Left to right: Hubble, Aurora, Telstar, Mercury & Stardust.

Mercury and Aurora.

Stardust. Is it just me, or has this been the MOST beautiful litter?

Brothers Telstar (left) and Hubble, with Aurora behind them.

Telstar and Hubble in the front, Aurora in the back, and Stardust in the middle, trying to start something.

Stardust and her striking eyes.

Sisters Aurora (front) and Stardust.

Stardust has places to GO. See ya!

Aurora from above.

It has been SO quiet here this weekend without those kittens and Mercury running around upstairs. I’m always surprised at just how much I miss them. I hope their people come along very soon.


Uh oh. I’m not sure what you did, but Sheriff Mama (Kara) KNOWS about it, and she’s coming to give you what-for. Look at that face – she’s not foolin’!


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