*Note: Snoopy (Tubby) died on January 27, 2004. He simply laid down to sleep and never got up again. The vet posits that it may be because he was carrying around so much weight as well as the fact that he had diabetes, and his heart just gave out, but there’s no way to know for sure.


Date of birth: 3/1/97

Snoopy is the third oldest of our kitties, and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 pounds. 25 pounds might look okay on some cats, but Snoopy (or “Tubby”, as we usually call him) has short, stubby little legs. We got him in the summer of 1997 from The Classic Cat, a cat store that adopts cats from the local animal shelter, and keeps them until they are adopted out.

Snoopy is the friendliest of our cats, but is never content to just sit and be petted. Instead, once you begin petting him, he insists on showing his love with the “butt in your face” method. He also shows his love by kneading. He will knead for hours on your arm or stomach, and he looks like he’s marching in a parade when he does so. His habit of playing outside in the dirt ensures that he’s always a bit grimy looking. He’ll let me play with his toes, but he doesn’t like it in the least.

Nicknames: Tubby, Tubby-tub, Chubby-tub.

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