7-14-16 Throw Back Thursday

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I’m on vacation this week and part of next, and have pre-written and scheduled posts to publish automatically every day.

I’ll be posting on Instagram while I’m gone (which automatically posts to the Love & Hisses Facebook page as well as Tumblr). If you’re not on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, no worries – I’ll do a massive roundup post once I’m home from vacation, so you won’t miss anything.


Throw Back Thursday: Dirt Mountain.

Way way way back in 2011, we had a pond dug way out in the very back part of the back forty. Initially, the guys who dug the pond were supposed to spread the dirt over the back forty in an attempt to make it less soggy out there in the winter. When Fred saw how much dirt there was, he got nervous that the entire back forty would be a foot higher than the front part of the property, and he had them pile the dirt up into what we came to call Dirt Mountain.

George and Gracie thought this was AWESOME.

VERY awesome.

SUPER awesome.

They spent plenty of time up there surveying their property and their flock.

Time moved on, weeds grew all over Dirt Mountain, and it got to the point where the weeds were so thick that we couldn’t even move around on Dirt Mountain. This was an issue because that was where the girl ducks liked to go and make their nests. Earlier this year, Fred couldn’t find one of the girl ducks. We went over Dirt Mountain the best we could, but it was just too big and too thick with weeds, and it was entirely possible that we were going to look out one day and see her coming down off of Dirt Mountain with a bunch of baby ducks. We did NOT want this.

Fred called a couple of places and talked to a few people, and at the end of April, some guys came and spread Dirt Mountain out over the back forty.

This is what it looked like just before they began.

No more Dirt Mountain!

The girl duck never did show up; we’re assuming that whatever got one of the boy ducks also got her.


The same day Dirt Mountain was going away, the guys we’d hired to replace the side door showed up to do their thing.

I have hated this door since we bought this house. It’s ugly, it’s cheap, it’s rusted.

I like the new door much more, but I think it looks funny to have so much white wood above the door. SOMEONE (not me) apparently measured wrong when measuring for the new door, so the door we got was smaller than the one we had, and they had to cover it somehow. Still, I like it more than the old one, even though I think it looks odd.

The funny thing is that now it’s the door on the left that opens – from the center inward – whereas before, it was the door on the right side that opened from the right-side in (I hope that makes sense.) So if the cats want in, they sit by the right door and wait for it to open, and when the other door opens, they are momentarily confused. I’m curious how long it’ll take them to make the adjustment.

Here’s a shot of the side stoop – we had a handrail put around it earlier this year. Eventually, we’re going to have it stained.

We also had the house painted, the front porch painted, and the front door replaced.

It’s been busy around here the last few months, can you tell?


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