About the Cookies.

Brought to us on October 19th by a neighbor who found their mother, who’d just been hit by a car, the Cookies were estimated to be about three weeks old, and still needed bottle feeding. There are two boys (Hydrox and Keebler) and three girls, named after types of cookies because they are so adorable they’re practically edible.

Four of them are Lynx-point Siamese mixes who appear to be keeping those gorgeous blue eyes. Hydrox (the black and white “Tuxie”) is the largest of the bunch and looks like he’s part Bulldog.

They’re all very sweet, very vocal, very loving. If you lay down, they’ll climb all over you and ask to be petted, purring like crazy the entire time.

You can read about these guys beginning with this entry (there are links at the top of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one).

See all the pictures I’ve taken of this bunch over at Flickr.

Blue (TimTam) and Orange (Lorna Doone) were adopted together, and Keebler and Pink (Milano) were adopted together too! Hydrox was put in a cage with another Challenger’s House kitten… and they were adopted together as well!

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