1-6-16 Wednesday

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Dropping Pink and Adele off at Petsmart last night went just fine. They were a little confused about this whole “cage” thing, but Pink curled up in the cat bed and Adele watched people walk by, and neither of them hid in the litter box.

Kathie dropped the BeeBees and their sister Twig off last night, too. They have grown to be GORGEOUS, but they were skeered, so I snuggled them a little and didn’t traumatize them by taking pictures.

None of the BeeBees were adopted, and neither were Pink or Adele, but Moses – an adult – was adopted, so that was good! I got to meet John, who adopted Shecky (now Gir) and Sue and Byron, from whom came Adele, the Swimmers, and the Classic Rockers from last year, and that was very cool.

Without Adele and Pink running around here all day (and part of the night), it is going to be QUIET.


They continue to love this thing – it’s the SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toybox. Well, actually, it’s the smaller version, the Peek and Play Toybox, which is more expensive if you factor in shipping. Weird, right? They adore that thing, though – I’m forever having to track down toys to put in it, because they’re constantly emptying it.

Shelton and the Deep Thoughts (would be an excellent name for a band!)

Levine will have you know that he had JUST lifted that 25 pound weight and he’s sorry you missed it.

I managed to get a shot of all three of them – wonder if I’ll be able to get a shot like this when Pharrell joins the club?

Why go around the feet when you can climb right over?

That LOOK she’s giving Levine, like he knows better and he best back OFF, if he knows what’s good for him.

We have liftoff!

I love this picture, with Stefani in the foreground, wildly flailing with claws out and the boys in the back all, “Oh, dear. She’s never going to get that teaser. Bless her heart!”

One day, sweet girl. ONE DAY you’ll get that feather teaser, and the wild flailing will have all been worth it.


King Nubbs (aka Pharrell) has some thinkin’ to do.

Doesn’t look like he cared for those thoughts, does it?

We are moving ever closer to introducing the King to his loyal (hopefully) subjects. Another day or so, and we’ll start bringing him upstairs to visit. Poor boy – with only humans to keep him company, he is SO BORED. I think he’s going to like having other kittens to play with.


Video! Remember how last week – or whenever it was – I told y’all that I got the Petstages Purr Pillow because the description said Purring sound provides calm and comfort? Pink found calm and comfort in that she’d run over and bunny kick it every time I turned it on, and Adele just ignored it. I finally took it up to the foster room to see what the Coaches thought. I do not believe they were all that calmed or comforted, honestly.

YouTube link.


Stinkerbelle doesn’t seem very pleased today, does she? Perhaps I wasn’t snappy enough with the snack this morning.


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