9-24-18 Monday

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It has somehow been 5 years (!) since Norbie, the little orphan who was taken in by Khaleesi and raised alongside her own 4 kittens (you can read her birth story, including the introduction of little orphan Norbert here) went home to Chicago.

We have an update on that sweet boy!

Remember that photo where he was squeezed between 2 pillows on your bed?

Still likes to air it out.

Still my daily snuggle buddy.

Black jelly beans!

Big sister Claudette still does not like stalky Norbie. They share a sweet head butt about twice a week and that is the extent of their positive interactions.

Could you not take photos with unflattering angles while I am doing yoga? K, thx.

As always love having my Norbie and grateful for his start at Crooked Acres!

Thank you so much for the update, Kirsten – you know we love seeing that sweet boy! (Give him kisses from all of us!)


Sweet little Pulley.

Gauge thinks this scratcher is YUMMY.

“Pardon, weird lady. Why’m I danging in mid-air while you clean my toes?” asks Fender, who suffered briefly from a common kitten malady known as Poopfoot.

“Helloooo, weird lady!” calls Clutch from the other side of Ess Canyon.

OH, those blue eyes! (Cruise)

Dynamo takes a stand.

Solenoid peeks through.

“Who, me?” says Fender. “Smacking at my brother? I’d never!”

The Croc bed can also double as a snack if you’re hungry.

Fender on the outside, Solenoid reaching out from the inside.

Solenoid gets her smug on.

Please note that Pulley is standing on top of Ryder, yelling about how hungry she is. These poor mama cats, they always tolerate so much from the little brats!


Jake in the catnip pot, all “What Dewey back there waiting his turn? I see no Dewey!”


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9-24-18 Monday — 13 Comments

  1. –Solenoid gets her smug on.–
    While Pulley plays the harmonica – she’s got da baybee kitten blues, singin’, “She caught the kitty, and left a pink mule to ride.”

  2. Norbs! He looks so wonderful! Kisses to each of his toe beans and to his cute nose! Thanks, Kirsten!

  3. NORBLES! One of the most specialest adoptees of all time. That exclamation mark on his face always made him look ASTONISHED! and SHOCKED! and AMAZED! by all events. When tiny, he looked like a miniature alien thoroughly taken aback by all our earthling ways. So many thanks to Kirsten for the update and for raising him up to be the big confident chonky boy he is now.

    As for the Truck Part Clan, they all slay me, but that Fender is *painfully* sweet!

  4. Five years since Norbie showed up?? How can that be? That is one of my favorite L&H stories!

    You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see a picture of your feet standing next to the Croc bed. It looks so big with all those kittens in it, but I know it’s really not….