7-16-18 Monday

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Laundry Assistant Calais is workin’ hard.

Hanging out in the crate, on the heated bed.

Syringe feeding is messy business, especially when the kitten in question isn’t as into it as you’d like them to be.


Arundel and Dexter in the crate, bonding over how evil that weird lady is for making them eat when they don’t wanna.

Oh, that face.

Fun fact: Otis likes a good belly rub, and he has no shame.

Eliot and Millie in the comfy bed.

Buxton cleans his foot, and KennyBorkMoopletonBork, Esquire lodges a complaint.

Bethel keeps an eye on Dexter.

Millie and Buxton enjoy what is apparently the world’s best basket for snoozing, and why’ve I spent so much money on cat beds when all I needed was a cheap plastic basket and a blanket?

Hot Mess Moop.

At this point, most of the kittens are eating on their own and have even started playing. Dexter and Eliot are still sleeping a lot and not much interested in eating, but they were among the last to fall ill, so it makes sense that they’d be among the last to feel better. I would love it if they’re all truly on the mend, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them all relapse either, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

They all desperately need baths – not due to the ringworm, which actually seems to be getting better, but due to the dried food down the front of them, which none of them seem the slightest bit concerned about or interested in, but which drives me craaazy. I’m going to give them another day to get a little stronger before I torture them with baths.


Archie keeps an eye on the Sheriff.


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7-16-18 Monday — 29 Comments

  1. Still having a hard time picking a favorite. If I had gun to my head and forced to pick two, right now, it would be Kenny, Eliot and Otis….and Arundel . See…? I would be dead!

  2. What a relief to see the lil’ ones improving! I’ve been holding my breath the entire weekend 🙂

    • Ditto. And I think my chest won’t unclench until they’re all running around tails afire.

  3. Heh, I love how much fun you’re having with Kenny’s name, it cracks me up.

    Is Archie watchin’ the Sheriff because he’s guilty of recent towel tusselin’ and don’t wanna get caught… ORRRR is he undercover as part of that higher level law agency that internally investigates cops?

    (I may watch too much TV, jus’ sayin’.)

    • Thanks to NYPD Blue, I know that Internal Affairs is not the ideal department to be in. And let’s face it, Archie knows how to work the system too well to fetch up anywhere but the catbird seat.

      Glad the poppers seem to faring better on most fronts, Robyn. This must be so wearing for you, too. Thanks as always for all you do.

    • WHAT towel tusslin’? Whatcha talkin’ about? He has NO IDEA what you mean, he’s been behaving! (Not really.)

  4. Oh, I’m so glad to read they’re on the mend.

    Much like little children, they have no issues with looking messy.

  5. 2007 post – LOL. “…because I’m not very good at volleyball…”
    Robyn you have a gift!

    • This is one of my faves – the Mr. Boogers “Say what, now?” face is awesome, but the storytelling framing it is just one belly laugh after another.

  6. oh, Archie!! love that expression.
    So relieved to read that the kittens are hanging in there. Keeping fingers crossed for NO relapses and the two laggers to catch up. Nothing so woeful as a sick kitten, as you know.
    And then when you’re trying to rest: Frankie! Loves you!
    Hang in there. Pulling for you.

  7. Kenneth J. Mooplethorpe III, Cattorney at Law, representing Buxton Thaddeus Detweiler, Jr., on charges of stealing innernet hearts: Your honor, my client may put his paw in his jaw from time to time, but I move for dismissal of all charges on account o’ because innernet hearts is made to be stolen by kittehs. It’s the law. Ask any Shady Cove banderling. Go ask the Sheriff! (But please don’t ask the prosecutor; she’ll just say there are too many g—— cats in this g—— house. With. Her. Eyes.)

  8. Laughing so hard. By the time KennyBorkettey goes to his forever home, he will have an very impossible long name.

    • ***

      Eenie meenie Muppet Moop
      KennyBorkBork gets a Boop
      If he hollers no big Whoop
      He’s da BAYbee: Muppet Moop


      Moop Moop Bo-Boop
      Banana Fanna Fo-Foop
      Fee Fi Mo-Moop

  9. Oh, poor little ones that don’t like syringe feeding. I’ve done that too and it’s so hard. You’re just dealing with a lot there, and I really hope they’ll improve soon. I just LOVE the two photos in a row of Otis and would tickle that tummy in a second!

  10. I think it’s Eliot. Curled up gray. He looks like he has another kitten curled up on him due to his fur pattern

  11. Oh, and I wish I lived close by. I would totally come bathe kittens. I even have a kitten bath song. I’ve dealt with bad, bad ringworm in kittens. So I know my song is amusing. To me.

  12. OMG – how did I EVER get SO lucky… my first and hopefully last bunch of kittens, Everything went wonderfully….not ever trying to be rude. I am 55 and never had kittens, always had everyone fixed but it was such an awesome experience with babies…..

      • A customer of ours breeds Persians and was VERY surprised that all six kittens were healthy and I found homes. I was so wanting to keep a few but I think it was smart to home all the babies. Thank you Robyn for all you do!!!!