7-15-20 Wednesday

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Bunny is now at Michelle’s house, and today most of the pictures are of her. First up, here’s one of my first pictures of her.

And exactly two months later.

I found this picture of her that Brittany had sent – I think she was in labor. It shows how long her fur was before she was shaved.

And here she is in an inflatable collar because her neck was THISCLOSE to being completely healed, I thought we were in the clear, and she scratched it open again. (Yes, she has seen a vet so we can be sure she doesn’t have any underlying issues.)

I think she minded the inflatable collar less than the other collar, actually. I’m wishing I’d put her in that all along. At one point (without my camera, of course) I saw her sleeping and using it as a pillow, and it was far too adorable.

“Yeah, I know you’re watching me, lady.”

Cutie pie.

Here she is in early June.

And from just a couple of days ago.

Also from just a couple of days ago, the yawning version.

If you’re interested in seeing the progression of her neck wound, I’ve got three pictures below. Click here to skip them if you’d rather not see them.

The day she came to Forgotten Felines – about 10 minutes before she went into labor! That hole in the middle just gives me the shivers.

The day she scratched it open again (the FIRST time… sigh) and we started putting the soft collar on her.

And about 10 minutes before I left here to take her to Michelle’s. Just a few small scabs left!

I actually have a bunch of pictures and will put them together in a video (haven’t had a chance yet).


Cutey and Clyde are having a blast, out running around the entire house. They were a little surprised to learn that there are more strange cats out there than they realized – at one point they just sat in the kitchen and looked around, wide-eyed, at all the permanent residents who were waiting for their treats.

Of course, they have to do chores.

Excellent laundry assistants.

“This sock needs more holes, lady.”


Jake’s all “Those kids better GET OFF MY LAWN!” Grumpy old Jake.


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7-15-20 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. Bunny has come a long way with that wound. The yawn photo is Card-worthy. How are you going to choose your cardsthis year?? Tough choices

  2. So Bunny’s hair still has a way to go? Does she like being brushed? She always looks slightly mussed, but I know some cats just have coats that look that way.

    You have excellent laundry assistants! And I’d have to kiss Jake’s “grumpy“ face 😀

  3. OMG! I didn’t expect that injury to be so deep! Poor Bunny, I’m happy she’s on the mend now.

    Jake’s grumpy face kills me!!!

  4. This might be a little long. Sorry. At the beginning of 2019, I had 4 cats. Sister (almost 20) passed away on Jan 14th. Dunkin (almost 15) was having several health issues and within a span of 4 days declined so much that he passed on Feb 12th. At this point I had Joey (15 years) and Gracie (7 years). Joey would try to play with Gracie, and she did not care for that at all. He started ambushing her. Anyway Joey passed away on Feb 7th of this year. Gracie has gotten neurotic and needy. She has always been a lap cat, and I love that about her, but she has gotten so skiddish, and I wonder if she is ok being by herself. I am not sure about getting another cat, as she never really cuddled with anyone except Dunkin, and then he got old and cranky. How do I know if she wants a companion? I am really worried about her. She likes to spend alot of time in the garage, and it is quite hot here right now, so I worry about that. I don’t like being gone, because she is so needy. Does anyone have any advice?

  5. Poor Bunny! That wounds was impressive, in a really sad way! I’m glad she seems to be healing. And I wish you had gotten a picture of Clyde and Cutey’s amazement over the Perms!

  6. Bless Bunny, so sad. Looks kinda like she was bitten, maybe by dog or coyote? I have always had a soft spot for the mamas, usually ended up keeping the moms after finding kittens homes. Keep us posted on Bunny.

  7. Poor sweet Bunnykittynotaskunk. So very glad she’s on the mend, spayed, and getting love. 🙂 Yes, the skunk story still amuses me. “Wait, that’s a cat!”

    Jake, you are a dear. And something tells me Clyde and Cutey are going to have zero issues with other kitties by the time they go to their forever home. <3 They'll be all, "Hi, friend!"

    Funny semi-related story. My youngest sister is having a baby, as in within the next three weeks or so – eek! They don't know the sex of the kiddo, so the invites for the upcoming baby shower all say 'expecting a cutie' with a picture of the orange of the same name. I might just have to show off pictures of Cutey the tortie and ask if sis is sure she isn't expecting a kitten. XD

  8. Crap, that is one nasty wound…yikes! Poor baby Bunny, I’m so glad she’s healed up so nicely. I know you’ve mentioned this, but my lock-down-addled brain can’t remember for squat these days – but how did she get the wound in the first place? How she was able to eat with that bit of ick, and bake kittens at the same time is miraculous.

    If Jake were human, he’d be one of Morty Seinfeld’s cronies at their Florida condo corp.