7-15-15 Roundup: Belushi

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By the time you read this, I will have hit the road for my vacation. I’ll be gone until the end of the month, and since I don’t want y’all to go without something to look at every day, I’ve pre written and scheduled posts for the time that I’m gone. By the time we work our way through all the Fools, I’ll be home again!

I may or may not be posting on Instagram while I’m gone (which automatically posts to the Love & Hisses Facebook page). No promises, though – I’m on vacation, after all!


In case you missed it on Facebook last night:

Not ONLY was she adopted, she was adopted by the people who adopted Rickles. I hope we get an update on how they’re doing!

This leaves Louis and Lucy as the remaining Fools who haven’t yet been adopted. Someone was interested in Louis, but didn’t show up last night. The weather was nasty – strong thunderstorms – so maybe they’ll show up during adoption hours on Thursday. Fingers crossed!


Roundup: Belushi.

4 days old.

Two weeks old.

He haz an eyeball.

3 days old, 2 weeks old.

Under a kitten blanket.

Serious little face.

Praise Ceiling Cat!


Air kneading whilst getting a belly rub.

Hangin’ around.


Open Mouth of I-Bite-You.

“Who, me?”

The fabulous tummy.

Cat. He’s a kitty-cat. And he dance-dance-dance and he dance-dance-dance.

Belushi in a basket.

10 weeks old.

Such a pretty ticked coat.

Bunny ears. “Nawt funny, lady.”

The mad genius gazes into his feather teaser.

Wearing his floof suit and being soothed by Mama.

Balancing act.

Pretty boy.

Sleepy boy.

One last shot.


Belushi videos? Of course!

Sleepy Baby has a complaint:

YouTube link.

Belushi’s finer moments (the bouncing at the beginning cracks me UP) :

YouTube link.

Belushi keeps his mama clean:

YouTube link.


Alice Mo has such strikingly gorgeous eyes, doesn’t she?

YouTube link.


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7-15-15 Roundup: Belushi — 11 Comments

  1. The website was down this morning! *GASP* I thought I would go through serious withdrawals! Whew….got my kitten fix….

    • I don’t recall seeing it before and it cracked me up! Now I gotta share it with every cat person I know because … well… gotta spread the catjoy!

  2. Oh my goodness, the hopping at the beginning of the second video kills me! Such a cute Belushi.

  3. Belushi and Rickles are together? That is good news.

    Hope they have many years happily driving their family crazy with their antics. And I suspect their family will be exasperated but love it.

  4. A Belushi in a Basket? Yes please. With an extra side of marshmallow fluff. To go.

    Oh River, you are one handsome lad… Just look at those green eyes of yours. *swoon*

  5. Roseanne and Rickles – I surely do hope for updates on these two characters!