7-8-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis.

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I got word yesterday that there’s room at the pet store for Creed, Dwight & Phyllis. I’ll be taking them down Friday morning and leaving them there, hopefully to get adopted very quickly. These three are such total love bugs and I hope their personality shines through to potential adopters!

Someone asked a few weeks ago how I could possibly let kittens go. It’s always hard, and I always tear up when I leave them in a cage (it’s especially hard when they give me the betrayed “How COULD you??” look). But I know that they’ll go to good homes, and really – I can’t keep all of them, can I? I know that they’ll go to good homes, and I know that they’ll have each other to snuggle up with and play with until they’re adopted. It certainly could be a lot worse – they could be living on the street instead of safe and fed and cared for in a cage.

I never like having to leave them at the pet store, though, that’s for sure.

2009-07-08 (28)
I could not find Creed ANYWHERE, and started to worry that he’d gotten out of the house somehow. Then I spotted him, curled up in this bag in a corner of the kitchen. He slept there for hours.

2009-07-08 (29)
I am annoying her. Or Dwight’s snoring is annoying her. One or the other!

2009-07-08 (30)

2009-07-08 (31)
Fighting amongst the shoes.


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