10-1-08 – Pet Store Kitties

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(Pictures taken 9/25/08)

I don’t remember what this sweet girl’s name was – I forgot to write everyone’s name down before I left – but I can tell you that she was sweet and friendly and a little bit shy.

Oh Zoe, my sweet little Zoe. Unadopted as of yet, but after spending time alone in a cage, she’s become much friendlier than she was before.

Another one whose name I cannot recall. But what a cutie-pie!

You know how sometimes you pick up a kitten and they go all limp and relaxed and purr like crazy and give you the love eyes? That was this little sweetie.

Seems like there are a lot of really cute black and white kittens at PETsMART right now.

Cute little flirt.

SUCH a sweet girl. I really need to remember to start writing down their names!

Zoe, watching the other kittens running around the cat room.

Another cute black and white sweetie.


Playful monkeys.


Didn’t really want to come out and play – those wild kittens made her a little nervous. She was happy to just sit and be petted, thank you.

I think this one is Laramie. Laramie is a wild thing, but so, so sweet.

Hanging out in the tunnel.

Did I mention that there are a lot of cute black and white kittens right now?

My sweet little Zoe.


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