2-5-12 – Mr. Chewy Giveaway!!!

Congrats, Sarah K., winner of the $50 promo code to use on MrChewy.com! Sara, keep your eyes peeled for an email from me with the promo code!

Thanks everyone for entering – I only wish everyone could have won!


I was recently contacted by Brent at MrChewy.com asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their site. As I was reading the email and considering the idea of doing a review, Brent mentioned that some bloggers had used the promo code to do a giveaway for their readers.

Y’all KNOW I love a good giveaway, so that’s what I’m doing here!


Of course, I wasn’t going to offer a giveaway to a site that might not be worth your time, so I went over to the site to look around. The site is visually appealing (don’t mock me, that’s important!), but even better, the search works really well. There are a couple of other sites where, when you search on a specific brand name, will show you everything but what you want, and that’s frustrating.

Before I knew it, I’d added a couple of bags of cat food, a 12-pack of canned cat food, a little bag of cat treats and a big bag of Cat Attract litter to my virtual shopping cart and checked out! To be clear: I paid for this order with my own money. Because the order was over $49, the shipping was free.

Let me reiterate: I got a big ol’ heavy box that INCLUDED a 40-pound bag of Cat Attract shipped to me for free!

I placed the order on Tuesday, and it arrived on Thursday. That is just awesome!

Connie also did a more in-depth review of Mr. Chewy – you can see her review here.

Now, for the news that will make you happy like this:


From today until 11:59 pm (Central US time) Friday February 10th, you can enter into a drawing for one (1) $50 promo code to use over at Mr. Chewy. How do you enter? Simple – leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered! One entry per person, please. I’ll randomly choose the winner Saturday morning and email them (please make sure your email is correct in your comment – no one but me will see it, and I promise I will never give it to another living soul).

Unfortunately, Mr. Chewy only delivers to the Continental United States, so you can’t enter if you live in another country or Alaska or Hawaii (maybe one day they’ll expand!)


Mr. Chewy wishes you luck!


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2-5-12 – Mr. Chewy Giveaway!!! — 122 Comments

  1. My two blue heelers and one shitzu (she’s the boss)LOVE to
    shop with Mr. Chewy. What’s better than having your food
    delivered right to you! That leaves more time for playing!

  2. Looks like a great site! Thanks for the information, Robyn. My pups Dooley and Sheeba and the KING of the house (my tuxie) Mr. Chin can sure use the $50 shopping spree at Mr. Chewy.

  3. Cool site! I’m mom to three cats and three dogs who would LOVE to spend some money there.

  4. I have not heard of Mr. Chewy. I will go right away & check it out. Brandy & Reverb love dog and cat computer shopping!

  5. I could use a 50$ promo code! It’s not cheap having 5 cats(one of whom is busily makin’ biscuits on my arm as I’m typing) and 3 strays. Though I’m guessing not as expensive as all your cats, Robyn!

  6. I have two dogs and ordering their food online would make things so much easier! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. OmuGAH my furry-fat-butt-chilrens want some treats!!!! PLEASE they said to tell you that their mommy NEVER gives them treats!!!

    Note from the Moms: they are pavlov-trained to come running to me by the clinking of the treat jar. Rattle the lid and they run, and sit, waiting for treats. But to them, I never give them treats. Right.

    Luv ya, Robyn!

  8. Our three basset hounds and five kitties love Mr. Chewy. Well, really they love the food. I love the ease of ordering and free shipping!

  9. Count me and the furballs in for a chance! Their prices seem reasonable although my brand of cat litter is definitely more than I pay, but Frontline is on a par with Amazon. But I’d probably splurge on special treats, although one of my kitties turns his nose up at any brand but Temptations. He’s more of a gourmand than a gourmet.

  10. Oooh, Oscarito Que Rico Suaaaaave, needs some yummies! Lucy and Miss Kitty Benett would love some toys too :)!