Attention, those of you in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale, AZ area. Two cats who were abandoned by their owners desperately need a safe home, whether it be a temporary foster, or a loving forever home.

From Abigail:

I’m trying to help two cats in fairly desperate need of foster or permanent homes in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona. Details can be read here.

The short version is that friends of mine have been caring for two cats, Red and Scoots, who were left behind when their owners were evicted and chose not to take the cats with them. They didn’t have room to foster the cats due to their resident cats, but they set up shelters, food, and made arrangements to get the cats neutered. This weekend Red was attacked by a dog, and will probably lose an eye as a result. They’ve brought him in to recuperate, and through donations we’re close to having the vet costs covered, but his presence is making the resident cat sick, and his brother is still outside and unsafe.

We’re desperate to find homes, foster or permanent, for these delightful and sweet-natured cats, who retain affectionate and loving natures despite the poor way they’ve been treated. If you know any foster or adoptive homes in the area, can you please contact Project Cat, or pass the word so we can find them a safe harbor?

Please spread the word!

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Lita asked in the comments just what exactly the words to Maxi’s theme song are. This theme song right here, which I play at least three times a day and laugh like a dork every time:

The words are thus:

Porkin’ along
Singin’ her song
It’s Out! Side! Mama! ::jazz hands::

Explanation: Maxi’s other name is “Outside Mama” (Kara is “Upstairs Mama”) and she’s, well, a bit portly (especially when she’s bulking up for the winter), and usually when she walks toward us, she meows constantly. So I started saying “There she is, porking along, singing her song”, and that’s most of the theme song right there.

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2011-12-06 (2)
Patty would like y’all to know that Charlie’s not the only one with pretty, pretty eyes.

2011-12-06 (3)
Nor is he the only one who knows about chillin’ like a villain.

2011-12-06 (4)
“My brother is NOT the only talented one, you know!”

2011-12-06 (5)
Jake’s face cracks me UP, here. “Can’t you make him stop?”

2011-12-06 (6)
I’m sure I’ve mentioned that Charlie and Patty adore batting at the big cats’ tails. Jake and Tommy are most often the victims because they’ll put up with it the longest. Please note that Patty’s arm is sticking through one of those holes as she smacks at Charlie who’s smacking at Jake.

2011-12-06 (7)
Patty joins in smacking at Jake’s tail.

2011-12-06 (8)

2011-12-06 (9)
Poor Jake. He puts up with a lot from those kittens, doesn’t he?

That thing Jake’s laying on, by the way, is a Bootsie’s Bunk Bed and Playroom. We have one upstairs and one down, and sometimes they’re popular with the cats, and sometimes the cats are like “That thing? Ugh.” I had to toss the red bed that goes on the top because I washed it, and then it was all lumpy and annoying and grrrr I just hate it when that happens. So I usually keep a folded blanket or towel there, and the cats seem to like it. (Some day I’ll sew a pad that will fit there perfectly, but it won’t be today. Tomorrow’s not looking good for that, either.)

My only gripe with that thing is that eventually the kittens yank the toys off the little sticks that screw into the side, and despite repeated queries to the company that manufactures the thing, I’ve never gotten a reply on how or where to get replacement toys. Look, I’m WILLING to pay for them, and I’m SURE I’m not the only one who has the issue, you’d think the company could offer replacement toys, am I right?

2011-12-06 (1)
Patty eventually gave up on Jake’s tail and went to lay near Fred’s dirty shoes and play with other toys.

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2011-12-06 (10)
It’s da Poo.


12/6/11 — 8 Comments

  1. I have the same Bootsie’s bunk and my cats destroyed one of the toys almost immediately. They love it. It’s near my closet (which is the one part of the apartment they are NOT allowed into) so when I go in to get dressed in the morning one of them usually hangs out on top of the bunk.

  2. Thank you so much for the link! We’re having to move Red to a vet for boarding as his presence is making the resident cat sick, so we’d really like to get him and his brother into a home for the holidays.

  3. Yes Patty, you DO have beautiful eyes, too! And I love you as much as I love your brother!

    And maybe we’ll get to see a SMACKIN! TIME! video one Saturday? Of course, I was calling last Saturday’s video Smackin’ Time after I heard Fred’s comment about the enthusiastic eating going on. 🙂

  4. Robyn, I met a guy named Marty at the vet’s office on Saturday that has 35 cats!! Well — “only” 32, really… he has four of his mom’s on a temporary basis. So, 32 permanent indoor cats, almost all of rescued from the street or from abusive situations. He showed me pictures of all the cats on his cell phone (they looked healthy and happy)!! So there you go, another person you can refer to when someone questions how many cats YOU have… hey, it’s definitely not as many as are at Marty house!!

  5. Oops, I meant to say “Marty’s” house before…

    Also, I meant to say that Charlie and Patty are certainly VERY beautiful. As is Miz Poo!

  6. Ok… sorry, it’s me again. I just had to correct the above statement, before anyone accuses me of being mathematically challenged. Reading the above, you’d think the cat total should be 36 — but I should have said that Marty has “four of his mom’s animals on a temporary basis”. And the animals from mom consist of 3 cats and 1 dog. So… the cat total is 35 🙂

    Just for the record!

  7. I’m still overwhelmed by the care that goes into snacktime at Crooked Acres! (Spsaking of which, it was great to see that shy beauty Stinkerbelle in action.) And how many times daily does your dishwasher take a beating? Headbutts to all the cats and kittens — and greetings to the impressively tongued George and Gracie.

  8. Well, thanks for that! I too laughed aloud once I could sing along to Maxie’s theme. if only she did jazz hands at the end…
    Miss Patty, we all knew you were you beautiful, you gotta make a big fuss for the boys ’cause they’re you know, sooks. and robyn could you please get somewhere quiet and stress free for those kittens to relax? Please!