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Today, two videos for you!

The first, a short one of Clay laying on the floor being petted. You can hear him purring (though you can also hear the camera focusing), and at about 10 seconds in he starts waving his invisible tail. Also, Tig passes by and stops to watch for a moment.

YouTube link

The second, I was attempting to get Spanky to “talk” to me, and didn’t have much luck. I think he looks particularly pretty in this video, though, despite his refusal to perform on cue. (Also, it kind of looks like his tongue is sticking out, but that’s actually his lower lip.)

YouTube link

Also, if you’re interested (it’s 2 1/2 minutes long) here’s a video I shot almost four years ago wherein I walked around and harassed all the cats, asking them what they were doing. It starts with someone who’s no longer around (Mister Boogers) and ends with someone who’s no longer around (McLovin’, our very first rooster).

YouTube link

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2011-12-18 (1)
“What are you doing in there?”
“Sitting in my box.”

2011-12-18 (2)
“Just… sitting? Sitting there in that box?”
“YES, just sitting. Sitting in MY box.”

2011-12-18 (3)
“M’kay. Well, I’m just going to sit here. And stare at you. And you can’t do anything because I? I am not. touching. you.”

2011-12-18 (4)
Works every time.


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12-18-11 — 3 Comments

  1. I love how pretty much all the cats in the survey, ‘What Doin?’ were doing just what cats do best–snoozin’. Seriously. When I think how much affection I lavish on the shameless lazy-a$$ fur-pants currently upstairs sleeping for Ireland, I can only shake my head. I’ve been had, Robyn.

  2. Those little tailless kitty’s are the most adorable little fluff balls ever, the little nubbins were they should have tailios is just so cute! And they have real catitude!