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In case you don’t follow Love & Hisses on Facebook, you might not know that I dropped Percy, Petey, Joe and Magoo off at Petsmart very early Friday morning. And Friday evening, Percy was adopted!

So Saturday morning, early, I took Polly to join her brothers. She was happy to see them, and they her.

A few hours later… Polly was adopted!


Petey was adopted!

So that’s three of the five Pickles adopted already – and two of them didn’t even have to spend the night at Petsmart. That is just amazing.

Of course, that means that Magoo and Joe are still at Petsmart. I hope they’re adopted super quickly so that Fred will STOP harassing me about going to get Magoo and bringing him home.

I brought Sungold, Mr. Stripey, and Dingwall Scotty home with me Friday morning. I also brought Kohle, who had been at Petsmart for longer than the ‘Maters boys had. He’s actually older than the ‘Maters boys, but he’s the exact same size as Sungold, and he looks so much like Dingwall Scotty that they truly look like they could be related. He came to Challenger’s House – to another foster family – when he was three weeks old, and you can read about him here. He’s a sweet, friendly boy who gets along really well with the ‘Maters boys.

These boys GREW while they were at Petsmart, let me tell you. Sungold is just under 8 pounds, Dingwall Scotty’s a whopping 8 pounds, 11 ounces, and Mr. Stripey is a petite 7 pounds 4 ounces. Sungold and Mr. Stripey each have a leaky eye, still.

They’re just as sweet as they ever were, climbing into my lap to be petted. They were a tad freaked out at first; every time a car went by, they all went racing for the closet. By Sunday they had mostly adjusted, though if a loud motorcycle went by they’d run into the closet just to be safe.

We’re so used to hearing small kittens run around upstairs that with four almost-grown boys racing around, it sounds like they’re going to come through the floor. They’re enjoying having room to run around and windows to look out of, that’s for sure.

I honestly don’t know at this point whether I’m going to let them out into the house. They’re sweet, but they’re a bit wild, and they enjoy some pretty rough roughhousing. The Weeds girls are a lot smaller than they are, and I’m concerned that the boys don’t know their own strength. I’m also concerned that releasing four almost-grown boy cats into the house might start off a sprayapalooza of epic proportions from the permanent resident boys, so I’m going to play it by ear. The girls are certainly all kinds of curious about what’s going ON in that room. The first time I opened the door after I put the boys in there, Purslane went stomping into the room, all “WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON IN HERE?!” I scooped her up before she could see the boys. Maybe in a few days I’ll let her in to meet them and see how it goes.

Snoozing Dandelion.

Magoo in the sun (before he went to Petsmart, obviously.)

Bath time.


Joe Pickle on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Magoo in profile.

Fred is all kinds of offended that Joe and Magoo weren’t adopted, since in his opinion they’re the best two of the litter.

This is from the day Fred brought Cruella up to the house so I could give her a feathercut. Dandelion was like “What is THAT?”

Magoo could not have been less interested.

“That was one weird-looking cat.”

This is Mr. Stripey. Check out the poofed-up tail. A loud car had just gone by, and he was coming back out to make sure it was safe.

Dingwall Scotty. “I ain’t goin’ out there!”

Sungold up top and Mr. Stripey in the basket.

How is it that I never realized that Mr. Stripey has a white patch on his chest? (Or maybe I knew and forgot…)

Kohle. He’s got gorgeous orange eyes.

Another shot of Kohle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sugarbutt, hangin’ out in the kitchen.

That’s Stinkerbelle behind him, annoyed with all the nonsense.


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11-19-12 — 66 Comments

  1. HURRAY for all the adoptions!!! I have my fingers crossed for the others!!!
    If Suggie was any bigger…um…well…er…he prolly wouldn’t fit on that wee little shelf [snicker]. 🙂

  2. Are the Weeds missing Polly or does the marshmallow fluff in their heads give them superfeline amnesiac strength? Congrats to te silver-tabby Pickles, but I join Fred on the offended front! Those Maters — and handsome Kohle — will be especially thankful on Thanksgiving Day. And thanks for a wonderful update — love the Suggie coda, too.

  3. Should we be checking with Guinness on the size of your ‘Maters? We were amazed that our Henry (who is about 10 days older than the ‘Maters) weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces last week. We’re raising some big boys. And Kohle… my heart is all a-flutter.

    I’m always amazed at how much your Sugarbutt and my Simba resemble each other (I think it’s the expression in their eyes that nails it for me). Anyway, if Simba had a shelf above my head I would be looking for the overhead swipe every time I walked past. It is best to avoid Simba’s airspace.

    • I couldn’t believe how big they got! I think Dingwall Scotty is going to be a big, big boy. They don’t seem to know they’re so big, though – they tried to all climb into my lap at once. 🙂

  4. Magoo has really turned from a strange looking little batcat into one handsome cat. One day, I will have an all black cat and an orange tabby.

  5. How is it that I never realized that Mr. Stripey has a white patch on his chest?

    lockets can often develop as kitties mature.. so it is a darn good chance it wasn’t there.

  6. Bets on how long before Fred unilaterally picks up Magoo from Petsmart to bring him home? I seem to recall various other members of the permanent resident community being adopted in that fashion after Fred bugged you about bringing them home…

    • Just saying – sometimes kittens aren’t adopted because they’re waiting for the right home.

    • He’s already tried to push me into setting a time where if Magoo isn’t adopted by then, he gets to come back here. He’s thinking a week. HA.

      I pointed out to him that if I brought Magoo back home right now, poor Joe Pickle would be there all by himself, and then he said he’d be okay with Joe Pickle coming home too… and then I shut up. 🙂

      • I’ve got a birthday coming up and Christmas a few weeks after that. I tried using those as deadlines for bringing Henry home, but so far there’s no set response. And then Tika went all lovergirl on Henry at the store, so even the rescue is telling me that I can’t take him away while she is still there.

        I guess there’s always Willie Rae… 😉 Who am I kidding? I’d take any of them that need me.

  7. Please bring Magoo back home – I can’t stand to think of him anywhere but with you guys!!!

  8. I kinda have to agree with Fred about Joe Pickle and Magoo. Don’t people realize what a heartthrob Joe Pickle is?

  9. Yeah for adoptions – paws crossed for Magoo and Joe.

    Too funny about bringing home bigger boys….I have two litters at the moment – one group is about 7 weeks and the other about 6 months and it is funny to watch them….

  10. Sugarbutt looks a bit like Garfield in that last pix. And also, he looks offended mightily by all the shenanigans! LOL Happy for the people who found your fosters & the kitties! Boy, those kittens have really grown. Amazing.

  11. Oh the Maters have grown! Does Dingwall still have his one white toe? And Kohle is just beautiful!!

    And I hate to say it, but do you think the leaky eyes have hurt Mr. Stripey and Sungold in getting adopted? They are such handsome boys…

    Oh, you better hope Magoo gets adopted soon, or I think all of us will be pestering you to go get him!

    • He does still have his one white toe – and his white bikini. 🙂

      It’s possible that the leaky eyes put people off. It’s also possible that the fact that they act like wild things when let out of the cage put people off, too. I have faith that they’ll be adopted eventually, I guess it’s just going to take time for the right people to come along.

    • My foster Abby has a perpetually leaky eye and a propensity toward upper respiratory issues (as did our dear Porter). Our vet put them on a gel called Viralys (lysine) twice a day. The working theory is that some kittens have difficulty acquiring and maintaining a normal immune system, which can be especially tough in a foster/store situation where there are lots of other kittens. Most kittens can fight off the germs/virus/infections, whatever it is, but these just need a little help. It seems to lessen (but not completely stop) the leaky eye without putting them on yet another round of antibiotics. We sent a tube home with Porter and, being the only cat at home, his eyes cleared up completely. Abby looks much better after a few days.

      And yes… if the kitten looks sick, adopters tend to look to others. You can’t blame them if they sense medical bills coming. But it’s still not fair to a kitten who has something so relatively mild.

      • Yeah, I started them (and Dingwall and Kohle, as well) on Viralys the day I got them back here. Their eyes look a bit better to me, but that might just be because I’m making sure they keep clean and lubricated. Luckily they don’t mind the taste of the Viralys at ALL. Life would be so much harder if they fought me on it!

        • I figured you knew about it if I did. And yes… hallelujah for them not fighting the taste. Abby just licks it off my finger. We sent some home with Porter’s new family and he cleared up completely. I’m hoping the same will happen for Abby (and she’ll just keep getting the gel while she’s living at Petco).

      • Our little Kairi has the same issues. We get “human” lysine pills and smash them up to mix with her food. It’s cheaper, and works just as well. (We spoke with our vet first, of course.)
        I hope the leaky eyes don’t put people off. 🙁

      • lysine has nothing to do with the immune system. It keeps the herpes virus from replicating by inhibiting the uptake of another amino acid that the virus needs to replicate.

  12. No dispected directed at Mr. Magoo, but if there is an opening at Crooked Acres for a new resident my vote goes to Purslane!

  13. Oh, Magoo. WHY DIDN’T YOU GET YOURSELF ADOPTED?? Well, because he’s waiting on Fred… 🙂

  14. Careful with Kohle. He looks like the type who could steal your heart and smile like the cat who had cream on his canary.

    So good to see those boys again. Don’t understand why they’re not snapped up immediately!

  15. “Of course, that means that Magoo and Joe are still at Petsmart. I hope they’re adopted super quickly so that Fred will STOP harassing me about going to get Magoo and bringing him home.”

    HA! Allow me to repeat that: HA!! Pray tell, when was the last time Fred harassed you to keep a foster and that you didn’t end up adopting said foster?

  16. I’m glad you brought the ‘Maters back for a break. Why on EARTH did no one adopt those adorable boys? Very well could be the leaky eyes. My kitty Henry has a leaky eye. He has the BEST personality but no one wanted him at adoption events because of his eye (their loss! Not that I pick favorites among my kitties, but he really is special). I took him to a veterinary ophthalmologist once the tears landing on his face started causing skin infections. As our cat coordinator suspected, Henry’s tear duct is entirely blocked, probably due to feline herpes. Its one of the ways the virus can wreak havoc on a cat’s body-creates scar tissue in the tear duct. She used a really neat dye that is neon yellow to show where tears traveled through his system. Left eye through the duct into his mouth. Right eye-straight onto his face. His eye was pretty inflamed and squinty, indicating to her that the herpes was active. I’ve been working with him for the last 6 weeks, giving him anti-virals to control the herpes and eye drops to control the swelling. He also gets Lysine daily. His tears will always fall on his face, but with the herpes controlled there should be far less tearing going on which means less tears to sit on his face and cause infections. It’s actually working! He looks like a whole new cat, isn’t squinting and his face doesn’t get nearly as wet from tears as it used to! We’ve been tapering his dose of anti-virals and eye drops and he is still doing well. Long term prognosis is that during herpes flare ups he’ll get the anti-viral but on a daily basis he’ll only get the lysine. It doesn’t cause him any pain (unless his skin gets infected), it’s just unsightly-which doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m only treating it because he was getting skin infections. If your boys aren’t having that problem, then they’re far less maintenance than Henry! Good luck, boys!

    • My oldest has a leaky eye from having his nose broken by his previous [insert bad word here] owner. Doesn’t bother him and doesn’t bother me… BUT other adopters may be put off by the leaky eyes if they don’t know what is causing it or what to expect. Just wondering if a reassuring little sign could be put on Sungold’s and Mr. Stripey’s cage after they go back to help educate folks.

  17. There is no problem with the size of Sugarbutt’s butt. The shelf is obviously too narrow. Sugarbutt is my favorite. He is one gorgeous hunk of orange kitty. Give him kisses for me.

    From what I have read about Fred and adopting kitties…”resistance is futile – you will be assimilated.”

  18. Did I mention that Mr. Stripey is drop dead gorgeous? Never had a marmie but dang, that boy is fine.

  19. That photo of Kohl on Petfinder is really weird. It looks like he was hit in the face with a flour bomb. Robyn, maybe you can donate some of your lovely photos of him to Challenger House to replace it. He really is a glossy and gorgeous house panther!

    I know, I know. I’m making too many suggestions for what other people should be doing. I’m just putting off finding my lost phone and doing what I’m supposed to be doing…

    • I think that’s just the shine from the flash shining off his glossy furs. But yeah, I’ll suggest that some updated pictures go up. 🙂

  20. I’m with Fred — I thought Joe and Magoo would be the first to go! And, gosh, the Maters are all grown up — but absolutely gorgeous!

  21. WOO HOO!!! for the adoptions. But I am sad for Mr. Stripey, Sungold and Dingwall Scotty and Kohle. Give them extra loves for me!

  22. Yay for the adoptions but sad I won’t see Polly’s beautiful face anymore. Please check on her family for updates and from Percy as well. I hope the rest of them have success when they go back. Oh and how big are the weeds now, I think my Oreo is about the same size so I was just curious.

  23. Everett Peppers is my superstar of 2012 and I think that Joe Pickle has some of that golden-eyed Everett Peppers lady-killer machismo going.

  24. So stoked about all the Pickle adoptions. But I’m as offended as Fred is that Magoo wasn’t chosen first. It’s hard to believe people wouldn’t just be falling over themselves to scoop up that sweet, batty little guy. But it’s only been a couple days. I just know that once the right fambly comes along, he’ll be loved all to pieces and smooched within an inch of his life. 🙂

  25. Oh, I’ve had to wait allllll day to log on and check for pics of my very much missed orange tabbies Mr. Stripey and Sungold (dagnab that thing called work… sheesh)… Congrats on the adoptions. Thank you for giving the remaining ‘Maters a vay-cay-shone at crooked acres. Is it me (it may be, I have a softspot for orange tabbies) but does Mr. Stripey have a touch of Opie Taylor in him? His little face is all “Gee, Pa” … it may be just me, but it makes me smile… Thanks again and again, Robyn!

    • You know, he kinda does! He’s the quietest, but sweetest, of the bunch. Which is saying a lot, because they’re all VERY sweet. The instant I sit down, he’s in my lap or standing next to me and purring. And then I have to squeeze him ’til he squeaks. 🙂

  26. Yay for adoptions!!!
    Love the look Sugarbutt is giving over the edge of that shelf! “You brought more orange kitties into the house? I’m not coming down until you realaize that *I* am the best orange boy and act accordingly!”