1-21-09 – Rumba and Samba

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A few days ago, an email went out looking for someone who could take a couple of three month-old sisters who are suffering from upper respiratory infections. Since Marion and Claudette were going to the pet store, I offered to take them.

Last night, after I got Marion and Claudette settled in their new cage, I met the foster mother in front of the pet store.

She needed someone to take the kittens because she and her husband were going out of town. I told her I’d be fine with keeping them from here on out, or if she wanted them back, that was fine with me, too. She’s pretty attached to them, so I suspect that they’ll be going back to her.

They’re skittish, but so far I’ve spent time just hanging out in the kitten room with them, and they’re very VERY curious. They’ve come out to play and sniff around. I put a small space heater in the room with them, because it’s been cold lately, and since the door to that room stays closed, it can get cold.

Only one of them is still on medication for the upper respiratory infection, the other one seems to be doing just fine. Even the one still on medication is very bright-eyed and curious. She’s an angel when it comes to medicating her, thank god.

2009-01-21 (1)

2009-01-21 (2)

2009-01-21 (3)
Another shot of Rumba.

(My apologies for the bad pictures – I didn’t want to use the flash, ’cause it was making their eyes shine.)

I’m going to spend some serious time with them today – I expect the curiosity will be too much for them to stand, and I’ll be snuggling with them soon enough!


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