8-16-17 Wednesday

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Sorry that there’s just one picture of Chip and Gaston today (but there have been some “da BAYbee” videos on Facebook). I love it when they curl up together to nap!


Phoenix’s eyeballs came open just so far, and I think she decided she’d rather not see what the world has to offer, thank you very much.

The brown tabbies, all in a row. That’s Telstar on the left, Stardust in the middle, and Aurora on the right.

Phoenix at the bottom of the pile.

Guess what?

Kitten butt!

Telstar, flopped across Phoenix.

Stardust. As you can see, I marked her ear with a tiny dab of yellow fingernail polish. Aurora got pink.

Hubble had his left eye come a tiny bit open. The other one is still closed, though.

“I see you, innernets! Okay, I don’t see you. I don’t got eyes. But when I do, I will see you!”

You think those girls love their mama just a little?

Mercury might be just a tiny bit over me and the camera.

“I know you’re over there with that CAMERA, lady.”

6 days old.

I’d say they’ve grown a little.


Video! The rough, rough life of six day old kittens. SUCH a rough life.

YouTube link


Khal Drogo – formerly known as Fancypants v2.0 – is still here, still doing fine. I’ve petted him perhaps three times. He still runs when he sees me. WHATEVER, CAT. Hmph.


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