Mister Boogers.

June 15, 2003 – June 30, 2009.

On June 30, 2009, something (we suspect a passing stray dog) got hold of Mister Boogers and killed him. He died under the tree in our front yard, and we found him there later that day, looking as though he was taking a nap.

We sure do miss him.

You can read the tribute to Mister Boogers here.


Legal name: Stanley

We call him: Mister Boogers.

Likes: Being a pain, chasing Miz Poo around and making her hiss, attempting to escape the back yard, bringing small birds and rodents into the house.

Dislikes: Having to “ask” to go outside. Not being able to go into the master bedroom closet at night. Any closed doors.

Nicknames: Stumpy. Boogie. The Bean.

At the time of this writing (December 2003), Stanley is almost six months old. We adopted him from a local no-kill cat shelter. At the time, our cat Stimpy had been missing for about four months, and we decided that the house was oddly empty with “only” four cats. We visited the shelter with the idea that we’d just look (sh’yeah RIGHT) and see if we fell in love with any of the cats. We’d been through all the rooms in the house and played with many cats, but none of the cats struck us in that “perfect for our house” kinda way. I had seen a picture on the shelter’s website a few weeks earlier and showed it to Fred, laughing because the cat in the picture was obviously quite a character. His name was Paw Paw.

“Is Paw Paw here at the shelter?” Fred asked. He was; he was separated from the other cats while he recovered from an upper respiratory infection. The lady who runs the shelter led us to the small bathroom where he was staying, Fred picked him up, and Paw Paw began purring like mad. Fred flipped him over onto his back, and Paw Paw continued purring.

We loved him, we adopted him, and we changed his name to Stanley. He’s a total character, and spends his time throwing himself wholeheartedly into whatever it is he’s doing, whether it’s running around like his butt is afire, jumping on one of the other cats, or laying down and falling asleep immediately. Sometimes he’s unbearably sweet and sometimes he’s nothing but trouble.

Likes: jumping up to investigate just exactly what it is you think you’re doing; running into closets to investigate what’s in there, even though he’s investigated it ten thousand times before. Getting high off the smell of lily bulbs.

Dislikes: being told “no” (but he understands the word!)

Nicknames: The Bean, Stan-The-Bean, Stumpy, Trouble, Troublesome.

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