11-25-20 Wednesday

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I have been meaning to share this for several days now, but kept forgetting – you can get your own t-shirt, mug, travel mug, or ornament with this cool logo on it (please note the rocket in the “h”; I totally missed it until someone pointed it out to me). The campaign only runs until November 30th, so if you want one get it now! Go here to order (if you are local here in Huntsville, Alabama, you can pick it up at Lowe Mill OR have it shipped to you.)


Your reminder about the 2021 calendars!

The 2021 calendars are available for purchase at Zazzle. I made one calendar for each litter (NOT including the current litter) and one calendar that encompasses the Mewchachos, Fluffles and Mewsketeers.

(The Vittles will get their own calendar – I am aiming to get it done by December 1st.) Also there’s a permanent resident calendar (including Kara and Frankie, since they were still with us at the beginning of the year – and also including Charlie of course.)

You can click on the cover picture to go directly to the page for each calendar, or click on that “See all calendars” link underneath the pics. PLEASE NOTE: Zazzle gives you many choices as far as what calendar size, what the date grids look like, and other good stuff. It defaults to medium-sized calendars with classic grids for the date section, but you can change that to what you’d prefer. (You can also change the number of months, though I have no idea what pictures they’ll put on the additional months, so I dunno. Just leave it at 12 months, is my suggestion.)

See All Calendars

Links to all these calendars are in the sidebar, and I’ll mention it once or twice a week ’til the end of the year.


French Fry and Snowcone are all “What?”

“Just talking about you, lady. You wasn’t invited to this meeting.”

Calamity Jane looks like she’s comparing the size of her dainty little paw to Wild Bill’s.

Fritter, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill, just hangin’ out.

Davy Crockett and Fritter in the sun.

Calamity Jane’s keeping an eye on me. Someone’s gotta!

Oh that Hush Puppy. He’s such a good looking boy!

Hey, did you know that Pretzel’s a talker? True story!

“I feel lighter today, lady.” That’s a GOOD thing, Funnel Cake.

Annie Oakley critiques my artwork (and this would certainly explain why the air purifier has been off every time I come into the room).

“I suppose these pictures are okay.” Thanks, Annie.

Yesterday’s spays and neuters went just fine. Surprisingly to me, the trip to drop this bunch of kittens off for their surgeries was much quieter than the bunch who went last week.

Pretzel had to go along with them because her FIV/FeLV test was “inconclusive” last week – the test itself was bad, and a retest of her came back with the expected negative result.

There are people coming to meet kittens today, and so I expect it’s not going to be too long before kittens start heading home. If you’re interested in any of them, you can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. (We’re in Huntsville, Alabama, and you must come here to complete the adoption; Forgotten Felines has a strict kitten policy – kittens must be joining a home with a playful kitty already in residence OR be adopted with another kitten.)


Have you heard that Khal is one magnificent beast? He surely is.


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