Rover and Clover

Update as of 2/19/13:

He came back from the hospital this afternoon & is doing quite well other than having to wear an E-collar for a while. He’s not happy about that. The surgeon said that based on his behavior at the hospital he may have to wear it until the staples come out in 10-14 days. He is not a happy, little camper. The first sentence in the vet’s instructions is that “Rover should be confined to a cage, crate, play pen, small room, etc. for the next 2 weeks & should not be allowed to run, jump, or play until he has healed.” That’s a lot to expect from a 3 month old kitten who really, really, really wants to get out & cavort.

He had what’s called a coloplexy where they go in through the abdomen – hence the sutures in his tummy area – & gently pull the colon back in & suture it to the body wall to stabilize it. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. He’s on a high fiber diet, pain meds, & a stool softener. Thankfully, he’s a good eater & we won’t have to worry about his developing anorexia.


This sweet kitten is Rover:

And here’s Rover with his sister, Clover:

Rover has no tail at all and had been using the litter box with no problems, running around and playing like your usual wild kitten, but his back end didn’t quite look right. He went to the vet yesterday, just for a consultation, but they were able to do surgery the same day! (FYI, Clover has a three-inch tail, and she’s just fine, no litter box or back end problems at all.)

The surgery is costing Challenger’s House about $1700. Which is pretty good for that sort of surgery, but is a lot of money! Challenger’s House could use your donations to help pay for the surgery. As I always say, every little bit helps add up, and is very much appreciated. You can donate in the following ways:

By mail (check or money order) :

Challenger’s House
112 Tristian Rd.
Toney, AL 35773

by phone (Mastercard/VISA): 256-420-5995

If you prefer to donate via Paypal, you can go to the Petfinder page, and scroll to the bottom; there’s a Paypal button there.

Now, there are pictures below of Rover’s back end before and after. They’re pretty in-your-face, so if you’re very sensitive or just don’t particularly want to look at a cat’s behind before you’ve had your coffee, feel free to not look at all. In fact, I’m going to put the pictures at the very bottom of this page so that anyone who doesn’t want to see them won’t catch an accidental glimpse.


Are you ready?


Just a little further…

Before surgery:

And after surgery:

Kind of amazing, isn’t it?


Rover and Clover — 8 Comments

  1. Oy, that made my sizeable back end pucker a bit. I’ve had the chance to meet this little guy and he and his sister are super sweet babies. Rover has almost a negative tail…not even a nub there.

  2. Robin, I just sent $25.00 to Challenger’s House to help pay for Rover’s surgery. I used PayPal and didn’t see a place to write a note. Would you please tell them that the $25.00 from Pam in Texas is for Rover? Thank you.

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