November 1, 2008 – Help!!!

Mainers! Help!

Two kittens – estimated to be about three months old – showed up at my sister’s apartment complex a few hours ago. She can’t keep them – her apartment complex has limits on the amount of animals you can have, she already has two cats, and there’s going to be an apartment inspection this week. The local cat shelter has been closed because of problems with ringworm, and won’t be able to take the kittens for a week.

Can anyone take these two little cuties for a week until the

shelter reopens and can accept them?



The little gray tiger is definitely a boy – they’re not sure about the little black and white one. They’re eating solid food and are very affectionate and friendly.

My sister lives in the Brunswick-Topsham area of Maine – HELP!!!!

Edited to add: Uh… nevermind! Apparently they belonged to a woman whose grandson brought them home to her. They were destroying her house, so she tossed them outside. She doesn’t really want them, but it all worked out – my sister found someone to take them!

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