March 7, 2009 – Rumba and Samba.

I know I’ve been slacking lately – we had company for a few days, so I’m going to blame my lack of posting on them (even though it was totally NOT their fault at all, just the fact that I’m a slacker!).

Rumba and Samba got up to date on their vaccinations just at the right time – space at the pet store became available, so yesterday morning I took them over there and settled them in their cages.

(They’re in separate cages because I think that they’ll be friendlier and thus more prone to be adopted if they’re alone.)

They didn’t care for the drive to the pet store and were pretty vocal about it, and they didn’t like sitting in their carriers while I got their cages ready (and they were pretty vocal about THAT), but when I put each of them in their cage (after I kissed and hugged them and told them to be on their cutest behavior), rather than going into their litter boxes and hiding the way most scaredy-cats do, they actually started exploring their cages.

When I left, a man was standing outside Samba’s cage talking to her, and she looked up at him with big dark eyes and meowed.

I think they’ll be fine – and luckily, their first foster mom lives close to the store and went over to give them some extra love.

Unfortunately, I took a bunch of pictures of the kittens in their last few days with us, but the majority of them didn’t come out (which I didn’t realize until this morning!). I do have some cute ones of Samba to share, though.

2009-03-07 (1)
Samba thought Spanky was cuuuuute.

2009-03-07 (2)
Looking out the computer room window at the back yard.

2009-03-07 (3)
Hanging out on Fred’s desk.

2009-03-07 (4)
Hanging out on Fred’s chair.

2009-03-07 (5)

2009-03-07 (6)
Watching the birds on the bird feeder.

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