About the Castaways

The Castaways – Gilligan, Maryanne, Tina Louise and Spanky (yes, I know there’s no Spanky on Gilligan’s Island – I was running into a hard time using names from the show, and the kitten looked so much like our cat Spanky that I used that name instead. Also, Ginger had been used, so I used the name Tina Louise, which is the name of the actress who portrayed Ginger. DON’T JUDGE ME.) came to us in June 2007. They were about 10 weeks old, and feral as could be. With a lot of hard work, we won them over, and eventually they went off to Petsmart as fairly well-adjusted (though skittish) kittens.

Gilligan, Spanky and Tina Louise were all adopted (Gilligan and Spanky together), but Fred had fallen in love with Maryanne’s blue eyes and beautiful face. So it was only a few days before he went to Petsmart and brought her home, whereupon we made her a permanent resident and renamed her Stinkerbelle.

You can see all the pictures of the Castaways over at Flickr.

You can read about these kittens beginning here (there are links at the top or bottom of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one).

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