About Catie and her kittens

Catie and her kittens – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Seamus – came to us for a very brief 24 hour stay. They’d all been spayed and neutered before they came to us, so it was just a matter of waiting until room came available at Petsmart. The day after they came to us, off the kittens went, and soon after, Catie followed.

They were all sweet and friendly cats, and required no taming at all. Catie was a good, conscientious mother who let her kittens nurse for a bit, even though they were all well past the age when they needed to nurse for sustenance.

You can read about Catie and her kittens beginning here (a total of three posts, I believe. There are navigation links at the top of bottom of each post to move to later posts).

All of the pictures I took of Catie and her kittens can be seen over at Flickr, here, or scroll through them below.

Catie and kittens

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