About Bunnie, John Smith, Toto & Tricki

Bunnie & John Smith (brother and sister) and Toto & Tricki (brother and sister) came to Crooked Acres on December 17th. They’d all been at Petsmart for a few months and very much needed a break from the cage and room to stretch their legs and run around like the crazy, silly kittens they are.

John Smith and Bunnie (and their two siblings) were found in a carrier on someone’s front porch when they were about 6 weeks old. They went into foster until they were old enough to go to Petsmart. Then they went to Petsmart and their two siblings (Sushi and Bugs) were adopted, but for some reason John Smith and Bunnie were not. They’re both super friendly, laid-back kittens (their date of birth is estimated to be 6/1/13), and both love jumping and swiping at the feather teasers. John Smith is a big boy and loves to lay around on his back and let you rub his belly. Bunnie adores being fussed over and petted, and is a gorgeous girl with amazing colors.

Toto and Tricki and their two siblings were born to a stray (probably dumped) mother and then were trapped when they were about 4 weeks old. They went into foster care and then eventually went to Petsmart. They stayed there for a few months, and remained unadopted, so came here for some love and attention. They’re both shy at first (especially Tricki), but after about a week, they were both immediately coming over for petting as soon as I (or Fred) walked through the door. They’re both super playful and love the feather teaser (Tricki will do her best to tear a feather teaser UP), and Toto thinks that the laser pointer is pretty amazing. They both have really sleek, silky fur. Tricki doesn’t (at this point, 2 weeks after they came here) like to be picked up, but Toto tolerates (and almost likes) it, so Tricki may come around to enjoying it. Their birth date is estimated to be 5/10/13.

They’ll likely be with us ’til the middle of January, and then eventually head back to Petsmart for another try at charming potential new families.

You can see all the pictures of these sweet girls and boys over at Flickr.

You can read about Bunnie, John Smith, Tricki, and Toto beginning here (there are links at the top or bottom of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one).

Edited to add: Bunnie was adopted on January 21st!
John Smith was adopted in early February!
Toto was adopted on February 15th!
Tricki was FINALLY adopted on September 13th!

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