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A couple of updates! First, remember Pearl, the kitten formerly known as Dandelion? She thinks you’ve gotta learn to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Isn’t she growing up to be the most beautiful girl?

Also, the people who adopted Bitsy on Saturday emailed the shelter and said that Bitsy is settling in nicely. She’s running around like she owns the place (Um, yep. That sounds like Bitsy!), and the older cat-in-residence is still getting used to her, but finds her pretty interesting to watch.

Awww, look at that smug little monkey!


Mercury’s Glamour Shots pose.

And Kennebec, man of mystery.

Checkin’ out the mylar ball (but he found it lacking… at least until I threw it for him.)


And she knows it.

Kennebec says “Hmmm. This seems familiar…”

Kennebec, last June:

He grew up just a teeny bit, huh?

“What you doin’, lady?”

“Gimme a KISS!” Well, if I MUST.

The best thing about the foster room is how much sun it gets on sunny days.

Kennebec, greeting me at the door.

A couple of people were curious in the comments yesterday regarding whether Kennebec and Mercury are close and whether there’d be a requirement that they be adopted together. They’re actually not very close – she seems to be mostly annoyed by him – and while it would be nice if they were adopted together, it won’t be a requirement.

Fred took Jake into the foster room over the weekend to see how they’d all react to each other. Jake’s really good with the fosters, but he’s not a SAINT, for crying out loud. So he usually has a day or two of hissing and drama queen behavior before he starts being friends. We thought he might remember Kennebec and vice versa. As it turned out, Jake got all hissy, and Mercury got all hissy (and jumped into the cat tree), and Kennebec just stood and watched Jake with interest. Jake went over and ate some of their food (hissing the entire time), and then asked to go back out. If they were going to be here longer, I’d make a point of taking Jake into the room several times, but since they’re going to Petsmart on Friday, I think I’ll just leave it alone.


Sheriff Mama (Kara), atop her platform in the back yard. The better to keep an eye on you, my dear.


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