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First, the bad news: Remember Drum and Clairee? They were two of the Magnolias from a year ago. They were only here a couple of weeks before room opened up at the adoption center).

Well, Drum and Clairee were adopted together, and I got word last night that their owners are returning them to the shelter. Not because of Drum and Clairee (they said that they’re great cats), but because of life circumstances making it impossible for them to keep them.

Then, more bad news: Cindy Brady was returned last night. Again – not because of anything Cindy Brady did, just because of other issues in the lives of the people who adopted her.

(Okay, hold on. Just got an email from the shelter manager letting me know that Cindy had been adopted again! So that’s bad news turned good for Cindy!)

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Now, updates!

First, remember Melodie and Dodger? They were in the same bunch (but not related to each other) as Martin and Moxie back in the late summer, early Fall. They were at the adoption center for a long time, and then were adopted together.

From their new mom:

Just wanted to update you on Dodger and Melodie. It’s been about 6 weeks and they have each gained a pound – maybe even more since being weighed 2 weeks ago! Our family has completely fallen in love with them both and they have the run of the house. We call Melodie Tabitha or Tabby now – for Tabitha Twitchit the cat in the Beatrix Potter stories. Dodger – well he’s just Dodger. No other name will do.

Are those some happy cats, or what? I am SO glad they were adopted together!!

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Of course you remember Peter Brady (it hasn’t been that long!). He was adopted with Newton Q, another Challenger’s House kitten.

Their update:

We have renamed them, Peter Brady is now Mat, and Newton is now Perrin. These names are from the Wheel of Time novels, and their personalities do fit the names. Mat is into everything, running all over. Perrin is quieter, and slow to run in, investigating before.

They both quickly discovered our Cat Bridge, and are running acroos just like they were on the ground.

We are looking forward to sleep. they are calming down, but still want to play at 2am.

Isn’t that Cat Bridge neat? I’m trying to convince Fred we need something like that. I need to hush up ’til he gets around to finishing the front room before I start harassing him to add a bridge, though!

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Jake, keeping an eye on the back yard.


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