2-6-10 – Steely Dan and Fagen, the Magnolias.

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So, guess who got themselves adopted last night?!


I think it’s all due to the happy adoption thoughts y’all sent this way!

Yay, Steely Dan and Fagen!

(And thank you all for your happy adoption thoughts!)

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So Friday night was actually a really good adoption night for Challenger’s House. Not only did Steely Dan and Fagen get adopted (together!), but the big sweet flame-point Siamese mix who was in one of the big cages got adopted, along with Hobbs, a little kitten in a cage by himself (his friend Beaumont was adopted on Tuesday).

This means that there’s room in the adoption center for the Magnolias. I know, they just got here, but they’re super healthy kittens who’ve been spayed and id chipped, and since there’s room, well, off they go! Not ’til Tuesday morning, though, so we’ve got a few more days of love and snuggles before we have to say goodbye to them.

This morning I let them out into the rest of the upstairs, and they were curious and a little freaked out. After a few hours, they’d ended up in my room (they ALWAYS end up in my room, I don’t know if it’s the bed that entices them or what, but every litter we’ve let have the run of most of the upstairs ends up in my room, scattered in various spots), and so I let Jake and Elwood in to hang out with them. Jake and Elwood REALLY wanted to get in there and see what was going on. OH, you have never seen such hissy, growly, puffy drama queen kittens. Those Magnolias did NOT approve of Jake and Elwood approaching them, and they did NOT approve of Jake and Elwood sniffing them, and they did NOT approve of Jake and Elwood playing with their toys, and they did NOT approve of Jake and Elwood eating their food.

They did not care for Jake and Elwood, is what I’m saying.

After a few hours, I let Jake and Elwood out of the upstairs (and they were both like “Let us out. These kittens are WHACK, man!”), and the Magnolias settled down for a few hours, then I let Jake and Elwood in again. They were a bit less hissy and growly the second time around, so I suspect that after a few days they’ll calm down and maybe even play with the boys.

They really like the big cat tree!

Smilin’ M’Lynn.

Drum, up close.

Drum has declared that this little hammock is HIS.

One of his sisters said “Let me join you in that hammock!” and Drum said “Try it, and I will kick your butt.”

Ouiser sings the blues.

Ouiser eyeballs Clairee.


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