About Batman & Robin

Batman and Robin came to us on February 1, 2013. They’d been at Petsmart since November, and really needed a break from the cage, room to run around and play, and so they’ll be with us for 3 – 4 weeks. They’re about 9 months old (date of birth: 5/5/12)

They were turned into a vet clinic when they were about 6 weeks old with their sisters Ivy and Eliza. (Eliza was named before the Batman theme was decided on) Eliza and Ivy have both been adopted, but Batman and Robin, obviously, have not.

They’re very sweet boys. They were both skittish when I first brought them home, but after a couple of days they’ll come right to you to be petted. Robin especially enjoys sitting in your lap. Both boys love to have their bellies rubbed!

You can read about Batman and Robin beginning with this post (there are links at the top or bottom of the entries to take you to the next post).

Batman was adopted by Challenger’s House volunteer Lisa, and you can see him on Facebook along with his sisters.

You can see all the pictures I’ve taken of these sweet boys over at Flickr.

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