7-3-05 – Mia & babies.

So, the kittens are doing well. Mia, on the other hand… See, Saturday night as Fred and I were laying in bed, we started talking about Mia and how we felt so sorry for her, because every time we went into the room she’s in – which is next door to the room the kittens are in – she would run out into the big box we have blocking the way so she can’t escape into the rest of the house, and she’d howl in the direction of the kittens’ room, and one of them would hear her and meow sadly, and she’d start digging at the box and trying frantically to get to them. So every time we went in to see her, we were feeling really bad for her, and we started talking about it in bed Saturday night – as I mentioned – and we decided to put her back with her kittens.

So we – Fred – bundled her up and took her into the room with the kittens, and they came over to sniff at her, and she purred and licked them, and we felt glad that we’d reunited the Momma and the babies, and we went to bed. And then Sunday, every time we went into the room Mia would run out into the box and lay down and give me a look like “What did I want to go back in there for, again?”, and she wasn’t purring, and if the kittens would come over to her she’d push them away. So we boxed her up and took her back into the other room, and she seems okay, though I don’t think she’s feeling good. She threw up a few times last night, which I suspect was brought on by stress – the fireworks were really freaking her out – so we gave her an anti-emetic and loved on her a little, and I guess we’ll just see how it goes.

Fred did try to introduce Mister Boogers and Mia, to see how – if – they’d get along, with the idea that we’d just let her out into the house if they were okay with each other. Mia was okay, but Mister Boogers was a great big baby, so it doesn’t seem that that’s a very good idea.

Poor Mia.

“So then he said… hehehe!.. he said… bwahaha!… he said…’A stick!’…”

“Bahahah! Hahahahaha! ‘A stick!’…”

“Hehe…ha…whew! That joke just never gets old!”

“Hee! I’m sticking my tongue out at her, but she can’t see me! Also, woman who brings me food and tries to give me too much love, that is one HAIRY leg you’ve got there. Nasty pedicure-needing foot, too.”

“Hey, you guys! The litterboxes are clean! Last one in is a pile of stinky poo!”

“If I stick this one claw out really far, I can pick my nose.”



Oy smiles again.

I have no idea what this expression means, but it cracks me UP.

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