7-15-19 Monday

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I forgot to share this picture of Margeaux the other day. The day before she gave birth, when she was snuggling with the older kittens and letting them nurse, I walked in at one point to find her hanging out in the Kitty Cardboard box, with Antoine keeping her company. I was VERY sure she would end up giving birth in that box, but nope. She returned to the crate like the sweet girl she is.

The wee ones are doing well – nursing like crazy, gaining like crazy.

Hanging out under Mama’s foot. As you do.

Breakfast is served.

From Saturday, I think. Most (if not all) of their umbilical cords have fallen off.

She still spends plenty of time in this position. The floor is good for belly-cooling.

Katriane, keeping the older kittens fed.

Oh that pretty, pretty, pretty Jacques.

Speaking of pretty boys… Francois still has a lot of blue left in his eye color.

Amelie has a moment to herself.

“Hi, innernets! Hi hi!” (Antoine)

Esmee shows off her excellent Open Mouth of Outrage.

Antoine gives me a snuggle.

Madeline likes to hang out under things – there’s a blanket that hangs off the front of the couch, and she can often be found playing under there. She’ll sometimes climb up under the blanket and sleep on the couch (I have to be careful and look for lumps before I sit down so I don’t squoosh her.)


Sheriff Mama (Kara), pondering how many tickets she can issue to me for Excessive Kittening. She’s pretty sure she’ll issue one for each kitten in the foster room and hope that the judge is a kitten-hater.


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7-15-19 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. I am totally envious of the snuggles you received from Antoine. Well worth whatever ticket(s) you were issued by the Sheriff.

  2. Every single baby and mama is p-r-e-c-i-o-u-s!

    My favorite eaten-by-a-zombie-horde mama is still Maggie. 🙂

    I think I would steal Francois and Antoine from this litter.

  3. poor Kara….

    I do laugh when I see some pictures of momma cats with kittens laying on them and rolling over and whatever. those kittens are tougher than people think

    • Margeaux was literally sitting on the kittens the other day, and I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture. She looked like a hen sitting on her eggs!

  4. Your posts & pictures make my day! My husband just passed away,my cats keep me going…so just “ thank you”