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On Tuesday, we leap.

I’m not sure I would have guessed, before we started having this Da Bird play session, that Marshall would be the biggest leaper.

And his hang time is just flat-out impressive.

Gilbert takes a minute to get going, but he’s got some height on his jump.

Invisible bicycle.

Of course Dennis had to come see what was going on (and you can see a bit of Corbie, who was sitting on the bottom of the cat tree.)

Here he comes to save the dayyyy! Mighty Gil is on the wayyyy!

Marshall shows off his form.

And here comes Stefan.

Marshall, flying.

Taking a moment to regroup.

Marshall is just so LONG.

Stefan’s face cracks me up.

After landing, Marshall just bounced right back up.

Not only do I love Stefan’s post in this picture, I love the discussion over at the cat tree.
Dennis: “Who IS that guy? Why does he always take over?!”
Corbie: “::fume:: HATE that guy.”

Sometimes I think “Goober” would have been a better name than Stefan.


Stefan keeps an eye on the corn.


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7-15-14 — 21 Comments

  1. Stefan’s “Goober” face cracked me up and in his first leaping picture…THAT BELLEH!!!!

    Marshall catches some air!!! Quite impressive!!! Love that little man!

  2. Aww they look like they had a good time! Marshall looks like he can leap as high as Everett Peppers did! Maybe higher.

  3. I love leaping kitties. I haven’t found many toys that get the same air time as Da Bird.

  4. Marshall must have been studying your photos of Everett Peppers and Da Bird. He definitely seems to have copied EP’s style!

  5. If it weren’t for the difference in focus, it almost looks like Gilbert decided to get Da Bird by standing on Mooch’s head.

    Those silly monkeys are all so cute, and are made of springs and cotton candy for sure! 😉

    You said you’ve pickled your garden vegetables before, right? What method do you use for pickling things like jalapeno peppers? I’ve wanted to try it but I’d love to get some tips from someone who has actually done it before!

    • I have only made sweet pickled jalapenos – these – which I hear are good on sandwiches and burgers and possibly in egg salad. I also dehydrate them, and use them in stews and chilis during the winter. Most often, though (and the main reason I grow them), I make jalapeno jelly!

  6. Good job watching the corn Stefan, you never know when it’s going to walk off!!!

    I love seeing adult cats play like kittens. Love it.

  7. See expressions on Stefan’s face (instead of the usual snoozy face) makes me love him even more!

    And holy crap! Marshall is so long he’s like a fuzzy, stripey pipe cleaner!

  8. I can’t tell you how many chortles I’ve had as a result of the sublime

    Dennis: “Who IS that guy? Why does he always take over?!”
    Corbie: “::fume:: HATE that guy.”

    Of course, the photos are all awesome, too!

  9. Could you repost that chart you made showing the relationships between the Gen Pop cats in your house, with categories like ‘loves,’ ‘likes,’ ‘tolerates,’ ‘hates,’ ‘has no use for,’ ‘WEIRDLY OBSESSED WITH,’?
    Ooh! Since the household has grown, you could update it!

  10. Stefan in the picture where Corbie is fuming reminds me of an NBA player. Seriously, put him on a poster with a tiny photo-shopped basketball.