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With Aslan finally caving in and eating canned food, I’m able to get a picture of all five of them around a plate.

Aslan’s eating style is what I call “crumb catching” – long after everyone else is done eating, he’s still there licking up what’s left. Charming and Leia are what I call “first responders” because they’re the first ones to belly up to the plate. Jareth and Buttercup usually scoot out the door with Kate (who gets her snack in the hallway so as not to share it with any nosy little kittens), and so after I put the plate down, I have to go grab them from the bathroom or Fred’s room, and put them in front of the plate. It’s a whole PROCESS, this feeding of kittens.

“I likes to explore. But I also likes to eat. It’s a conundrum!”

Buttercup likes to sit on the track toy and lick her lips after she’s done eating.

Yes, they still belly up to the milk bar pretty regularly.

“Hey, there’s a whole ‘nother room! With a weird lady who points that clicky box at everyone! And hey – that is one GOOD-LOOKIN’ kitty boy. He’s ALMOST as good looking as ME!”

Aslan down there on the bottom, trying to look casual, makes me laugh.

Naptime for Buttercup.

“How do I GET into that room?”

Charming, on the scratcher, with a piece of cardboard on his chin. I don’t know, I don’t ask questions.

I’m pretty sure that picture of Charming was taken just a few minutes before he sang the perennial Jazz favorite “I Gots Poop in my Furs (and I Don’t Care.)”

And then not long after THAT song was sung, I responded with that old familiar Blues ditty “I Thought It was Cardboard in His Leg Fur (But It Was Actually Poop.)”

Fun times, y’all.

Here’s a video of the Royal kittens bouncing around. They’re so FUN at this age!

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pile o’ dragons. I love the way Scorch has his head resting on Norbert, who apparently makes a very comfy pillow.

On the move!

Still on the move. You can almost see everyone’s face here, except for Norbert. Someone’s always gotta mess up the picture.

Paws up, y’all!

Khaleesi keeps an eye on me.

That’s Ruth’s little behind and tail sticking straight up in the air right in front of Norbert’s face. I think she was diving for one of the lower nipples.

And here’s a Dragon video. The first section is just them laying there (Ember yawns at one point) while Khaleesi was in the litter box, and the second section is after Khaleesi was back and had settled down.

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tunin’ the loons.

That Loony Jake is one loony boy.

I noticed something about Jake the other day. He is VERY happy to have other cats (usually Newt or Tommy) lick him on the head. But if they’d ever like the favor returned, he does not reciprocate. Tommy presented the top of his head to Jake the other day, and Jake just said “Yep, that’s a head. Pardon me, I’ve got places to be.” and skedaddled.


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5-9-13 — 30 Comments

  1. In the video, are we seeing little kitten eyes about ready to open? Sure looks like it!
    And thanks for the Loony Jake pictures – the one of him touching his nose with his tongue is perfect!

    • Yes – do you think we will hear the PLINKs soon?

      They are all so adorable – I do not know how you don’t just grab them all up and snorgle the stuffing out of them.

      Just read the post from 5/9/08 – poor Sugarbutt! Kara’s babies were beautiful! Kaylee’s markings were so striking. I wonder what she looks like now.

      • I do believe that their eyes are opening, I’m pretty sure I’m seeing at least a few peek through. I bet by Monday there’ll be eyes all over the place!

        I got a picture of Kaylee in 2009, and she’s just as striking and gorgeous as an adult.


  2. Can’t say as if I really blame Jake on this one. Licking cat heads really isn’t my idea of fun either. (But his tongue? WAY fun!)

    Now we know why this little family needed a Norbert. He makes an excellent pillow!

    How did you not drop the camera on the spot and run over to squeeze Aslan’s belly?

  3. That first picture – I was all “awww” and then “I think I have those plates” LOL
    I do love telling people about the chip/dip tray to feed kittens. As I watched my new crew of 8 this morning, my only thought was – I think I am going to need another tray. 🙂
    Love me some Jake!!

    • I do need to break out the chip/dip trays for snack time. I haven’t before now because they were still standing on the plate while eating and the trays are made of plastic and I could just imagine them flipping it. 🙂

  4. So was that our little diva buff boy Scorch making the complaintz during the Dragons video??

    Silly Royals all running around and piling on each other! When you’re having that much fun it’s easy to forget you have poop on you! 🙂

    • No, that was actually Ruth – she was stuck under Scorch and couldn’t get out and was NOT happy about it!

  5. I just got done (re)reading the Downfall of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton via today’s link archive, which really made my morning!

    Also, Khaleesi looked so funny towards the end of the posted video, turning towards the camera and back to the kittens as if to say “LOOK what I have to deal with!”

  6. I am squeeing and making all kinds of not appropriate for work noises at the Royal kitteh video! Are they the cutest? Yes. Yes, they are.

  7. I love when you have kitty videos !!!!!! I think Leia ate some jumping beans in the video, she was also having trouble making her back end match up with her front end. Jareth and Aslan must have been watching some tag team wrestling with the moves they tried on Leia. Hilarious !!!
    Aslan acting casual at the scratch pole was saying “How you doin’?”
    I have many “wagon wheel” picutres of my cats. They are a great way to compare sizes.
    I had actually seen the video last night of the dragons on Youtube!! Fantastic way to end the day!! When Ruth started to scream Khaleesi was ready to scold whoever was causing the troubles.
    Robyn you will have to start a line of tshirts and tote bags etc with some of your pictures. You always seem to get the best expressions!!

  8. It’s been so long I forgot about the evils of floofy cats and poop! Don’t miss that aspect of it at all! Long haired kitties are gorgeous but OY the mess when their digestive tract acts up!

    Thanks for the Loon Pics. I love when he looks straight on with that crazy intense stare of his!!!

  9. It’s so hard to tell which Royals have longer hair and which ones are in floof-mode from all the excitement. Is it bad that I half-laughed at the kitty trying to jump to wall to get away from his/her sibling?

    • Ha – that was Leia, and she was like “GET ME AWAY FROM THESE CRAZY KITTIES!” Another couple of weeks, I think she’ll be big enough to actually grab that wall basket and climb up out of the fray!

  10. One of my duties at school is to be in the lunchroom. A couple of weeks ago I was looking at the third graders, and the constant motion in the lunchroom reminded me so much of some of your videos of the very youngest kittens and the squirmy pile of fluff. 8 and 9 year olds just don’t seem capable of sitting still, much like newborn kittens!

  11. Royals video at about 28 seconds, traffic pile up on the scratcher! How did anyone survive! MOL
    My gosh they thunder around, can they be heard downstairs when the race around like that?

    • Oh, absolutely – they sound like a herd of elephants. The living room is directly underneath their room, and I can hear them racing around while we’re watching TV in the evenings. 🙂