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Thanks to all of you who participated in the kitten pool. The money you donated will cover leukemia/aids testing, spaying or neutering, & rabies shots for all 6 kittens plus a bit left over. I am always amazed at the response Robyn gets from her readers and I appreciate that most of you probably have local organizations that you support. We are lucky to have so many generous animal lovers who jump in to support the cause. And I love the name Fergus Simon. Thanks, Lori, and congratulations on being the name-the-baby winner.

Sincerely, Susan B., Shelter Manager

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First, the movies!

I changed out the bedding in the McMao cave, then put the kittens back in, and they weren’t sure what to think.

This second movie, I have to warn you: these kittens are OUT OF CONTROL.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday afternoon, I was picking up and cuddling kittens. I realized, as I was holding Fergus Simon, that one of his eyes had started to open. I was surprised – I honestly didn’t think that would start happening for several more days – and when Fred and I went in to hang out with Maggie and the babies before bed, I picked up Fergus Simon to show Fred the little bit of eye, and found that in the few hours since I’d last seen him, the little guy had opened BOTH eyes!

Clearly he’s a prodigy.

This is what he looked like only two days before.

I can see the slightest bit of eye here and there on the other kittens, so I suspect it won’t be long before they’ve all got their eyes open.

They don’t fit quite so easily in the palm of my hand any more. The babies are growing up!

Pink Nose looks inquisitive, no?


It’s a rough life, isn’t it?

(That’s a yawn over there to the right, not a hiss.)

More yawning.

Maggie, hanging out as far from those babies as possible. But when they call…

She comes a-running.

I wuv you, Dark Nose.

And you, Dark Nose with Pink Splotch.



At last night’s weigh-in, the heaviest kitten was Dark Nose with Pink Splotch, at a hefty 7 7/8 oz. The lightest was a three-way tie between Black Nose, Pink Nose, and White Face. It’s funny how heavy they seem compared to a week ago.

Fred took another look last night, and he’s pretty sure that the two kittens whose sex he’d been unable to determine earlier in the week are both boys. So it looks like we’ve got 5 boys and 1 lone little White Face girl.

She is so going rule that litter with an iron paw.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Corbie would like it known that he, too, can lay on his back and snooze and look adorable!


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  1. The mom says she would never get to the office if she adorable babies like that here!

    And we see they’re quite the rowdy bunch. 😀