HG is coming along, very very slowly. Last night when Fred and I were hanging out with him, he actually lowered his head for a pet, and it’s the first time he’s done THAT, so that’s an improvement. And then he stood and let me pet him for a long time. But, best part, I had him kind of cornered at one point and I started rubbing his ears and back, and finally FINALLY he purred for me.

One day he will sit in my lap, I promise you.

“YEOW! I feel GOOD!”


“Ah hets Spring and ah hets pollen. Ah hets grass and ah daffodils. Ah hets sun and ah hets rain. But what ah really hets more than anythin’ are porky black kitties, TOMMY, who jump on me and bite mah neck and run away before ah can kick their porky little butt.”


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