4/2/11 — 13 Comments

  1. Awww, today is the birthday of my dearly beloved late Grampa, and if I’d entered the pool, would’ve been my guess! How neat. Thanks for keeping us posted! I’ll bet Maggie feels great.

  2. OMG Giggidy! So exciting! So happy for you (hehehe) and for Maggie! Best of luck to the kittens for the next while as they adjust to life outside the belly!

  3. Congratulations to Mamma Maggie! And to all of us having kittens about when she was having kittens! (Is that just an English expression? – having kittens, as in being beside yourself with excitement or worry.

  4. My first reaction to this post was ‘Oooooh blimey.’ Yay Maggie! And yay kittens!

    My totally not for anything guess is for a male calico in the bunch. XD

  5. Congratulations Maggie! Good for you sweetheart! Bless you, your babies and your fosters!

  6. Irish kittens will be great fun to name. So sad I didn’t win, as I had my name all picked out!!
    Catherine N.

  7. Awe – Maggie’s babies share my birthday, how awesome!!!
    (Yes I am a bit behind on my reading, am so going to the pictures now!)