The other day, Fred and I were going for a walk around the back forty. As we walked by the pig yard, the pigs tracked us from the other side. They clearly know that when a human approaches the pig yard there’s food to be had, so they were hoping we’d stop and give them something good to eat.

I had a Jolly Rancher in my mouth* and I said to Fred, “I wonder what they’d do if I spit my Jolly Rancher over there?”

Fred shrugged. “Try it.”

I leaned close to the fence and spit the candy into the pig yard. In less than three seconds the little pig had located it, scooped it up in his mouth, chomped it to bits, and swallowed it.

Answers THAT question.

*I like Jolly Ranchers, but only the Wild Strawberry flavor. This means that I buy bags of the Jolly Rancher “Wild Berry” mix, pick out the Wild Strawberry ones, and rehome the other ones. Fred’s not as much a Jolly Rancher fan as I am, so the Jolly Ranchers tend to build up. I wish I could buy single flavors in bulk, but apparently you can’t. Hmph.


I think today’s the day I’m going to split the foster kittens up. She’s gotten a lot friendlier – I plugged in the Feliway diffuser and went away for a couple of hours, and the next time I went into the room, she stood up and chirruped at me and ran over to get some love. He, on the other hand, will come over and lick and bite my fingers, but he’s not crazy about being touched. Maybe splitting them up will encourage them to be friendlier; I’m going to put him in the guest bedroom (after I get the bookcase back in its place and the books on the bookcase) for several days and see how it goes. I’ll spend some extra time with him, too, and maybe he’ll decide I’m not all that bad.

I love the way her tail is all corkscrewed.

Such an intent little face.


It’s such a tragedy when a cat overheats and melts right out of the bed. Poor Sugarbutt. He was so young!


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