3-12-20 Thursday

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Inspector Javier checks out the structural integrity of the crate.

“That is a well-built establishment, and you are approved to raise future litters there!”

You can never have too many inspections, so Pablo gave it the once-over and also approved.

After his hard day of inspectin’, Javier stopped at the milk bar for a slurp.

Pablo’s like “Where ya goin’? Can I go too??”

We have a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on with Carmelita.

Diego’s all “I don’t get why they like sitting in your lap so much. It’s a little boring, if you ask me.”

Carmelita, the little poser.

“What am I lookin’ at here?” Diego wonders.

Javier and Carmelita have a tussle.

Oh dear lord, that Javier is just a little heart throb.


Alice Mo adores not only her Daddy (yo), she’s also a big fan of heated spaces, and so the fact that there’s a heated bed in that Kitty Kasa makes it one of her favorite places to snooze.

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3-12-20 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. I so love this age. They’re all pointy tails, stunned looks and bed heads. Wobbling around, absolutely enthralled with everything they come across.

  2. The kittens all look like they have a bare ring around their mouths. Is that due to nursing?

  3. WHYWHYWHY did I look at that first picture and think Inspector Javert? “Look down, look down”

  4. Some kitties are puffy, and some are ultra puffy. I think we have an ultra puffy situation going on here.

    What kind of heated pad do you use in the Kitty Kasa? Do you keep it on all year round?