Kara & babies – 5-9-08

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There was a bit of excitement last night in the foster kitty room. Or rather, the excitement was OUTSIDE the foster kitty room. I was going into the room and didn’t realized that Sugarbutt was in the hallway behind me. Usually I’m very careful to make sure there are no cats visible to Kara when I’m going into the room, because she’s still got that protective Momma thing going on. But Sugarbutt was behind me, and she caught sight of him, and she FLEW out of the room and it was all a blur. They ended up in the bathroom and I managed to push Kara into the bathroom while letting Sugarbutt out so he could go racing down the hall and down the stairs and I shut her in the bathroom.

She kicked Sugarbutt’s butt but good. He’s fine, she didn’t hurt him, but she scared the hell out of me, for sure.

Fred brought her back into the foster kitty room and she was fine and the babies weren’t even scared by the noise (I yelled “No! No! NO!” during the entire altercation, which did no good at ALL), but we petted her and reassured her that she was a good mommy.

I guess I’ll be a little more careful from here on out! I thought she was going to kill poor Sugarbutt.

The kittens are three weeks old now, and exploring the room more and more. This morning when I went into the room to scoop the litter box, three of the kittens were in the padded pyramid, sound asleep. I think they like the padding in the pyramid and how closed-in it is. When they saw me, they came right out. River’s started climbing me, and Inara will climb into my lap for a minute. I tell you, my tongue is just in SHREDS, I spend so much time biting it so I won’t squoosh them to death.

Kaylee is the deep thinker of the litter. She spends a lot of time watching everything that’s going on, and I’ve seen her looking contemplatively at the top of the box they’ve been living in. I suspect she’s going to be the first one to jump up there – though they’re still little, I’d give it a few weeks!

I weighed the kittens last night, and their weights range from 1 pound 3/4 oz (Zoe) to 1 pound 3 3/4 oz (Inara). They’ve pretty much doubled their weight since their one-week weigh in, which I believe is just perfect, that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. They won’t gain as quickly from here on out, but I’m still going to do weekly weigh ins to see what their progress is.

And speaking of progress, here are their three-week pictures! (Next week I’ll do progressive pictures from 3 days old to 4 weeks old for each of them so you can see the difference!)




River. (He looks scared, but he’s not. I think he was meowing at Fred.)


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