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Is Marcia the only calico in the Bunch? And golly, Corbie is ridiculously handsome.

She is! The rest of them are either brown tabby (Greg and Peter) or mostly white with brown tabby patches (Jan, Bobby, Cindy).


cute kittys! but in the Brady Bunch its odd to our ears that Marsha is spelt Marcia (MaCEEuh as we pronounce it) they are 2 different names! that always confused me….

When I put collars on the Brady kittens before I took them to the vet to be tested, Fred saw Marcia’s collar and mocked me for spelling it incorrectly. Why on earth he would ever think that I don’t know how to spell Marcia Brady’s name given my love of all things Brady, I do not know. All I know is that’s how the creators of the show spelled it, so for a large part of my life I thought “Marcia” was pronounced “Marsha” and only came to realize there was a different pronunciation as an adult. I think someone better take it up with Sherwood Schwartz!


Those poor little babes with diarrhea! My poor boy (the one Buster reminds me of) is at the vet’s right now on a drip and antibiotics; he has had diarrhea for a few days and got very dehydrated. And he is a strapping great, otherwise bursting with vitality, nearly 3 year old. How I WISH I had took him to the vet yesterday! What I’m wondering is, how do these tiny babies manage not to get dehydrated when my huge boy did? Is it because they have wet food? He only has dry food, even though he’s probably not eaten much.

You know, even though they all (except for Cindy) had bad diarrhea, they all continued to eat and drink really well. They never got dehydrated, and we’re definitely lucky that they didn’t! I have never given fluids subcutaneously to kittens, and though I’m sure I’ll have to eventually, I’d rather not start by having to do it with six little kittens!


(I do remember that episode. Does that age me?)

I don’t think it does! I was actually only a year old when The Brady Bunch premiered, and I’m pretty sure I never saw a single episode of it when it was originally airing. All my Brady Bunch viewing came from reruns when I was a bit older, and I’m going to assume the same for you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Guess who’s feeling SO MUCH BETTER, and in fact are now released from their cage into general population all the live-long day?

Our wee Bobby and Jan Brady, that’s who! I let them out of their cage yesterday morning, and they spent the day out and about with their brothers and sisters. Until mid-afternoon, there were no accidents, and even that one accident could have been prevented if I’d put Jan in the litter box when I walked into the room. Once I convinced her that no, Jan, you really DO need to use the litter box, she did, and there were no more accidents. I’d say they aren’t 100% – their litterbox leavings aren’t what they oughta be – but they’re doing SO much better than they were this time last week.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the diarrhea actually goes away in a few more days. That would make me very happy – and I imagine that the kittens would be THRILLED to have me no longer running around after then with baby wipes to wipe their behinds. Oh, you should SEE the looks I get from them! (Believe me – I’d be perfectly thrilled to not to do it, too!)

Marcia and Greg, contemplating a nap.

Clockwise from the brown tabby: Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan.

Sweet miss Jan.

Left to right: Bobby, Peter, Cindy, Jan, Greg, Marcia.

Bobby, having finished his own plate, moves on down the line to see what everyone else has.


Cindy, half standing in her plate. The better to protect it from Bobby.


Tommy in his garbage can. It was actually raining out, but rain does not bother our Tom. He’d live outside 24/7 if he had his choice!


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  1. Question: Looking at the first photo with all the Bradys eating in a row…. It looks like there are two “peep holes” cut out through your siding/wall. And it looks like Tommy and Stinkerbell are on the other side. Fact or fiction?

    P.S. Oh Jan…that belly!!!!

    • That would be VERY cool – but no, those are mirrors hung on the wall at kitten level so the kittens can look at themselves. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh those pics of them all eating are just the cutest! Something about having them all in a line ๐Ÿ™‚

    To the lady whose 3yr old kitteh is having the bad diarrhea… *hugs* I went through similar issues with 2 of my 3 (my two girls) and it’s tough. What I would recommend is changing over to a wet food only diet. Two of my 3 cats (unfortunately not both girls) are now on a raw diet, and the third is on canned only, and it has helped reduce the diarrhea to an uncommon occurrence. (my vet figures they may have IBD.) So it’s definitely worth trying canned over dry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Heh, I remember running home from school so we could watch the Brady Bunch/Bewitched/Gilligan’s Island. Ah yes. Back in the days when you were spoiled if you had cable! All 21 channels of it!

    The Pudgy Bunch here are partial to Animal Planet.

  4. Ok, so the Marsha/Marcia thing – I have to admit that I had no idea anyone actually spelled it Marsha – all the Marsha’s I have known were Marcia, and I have only heard Marcia pronounced Marsha – do I live a sheltered life or something? I had to double and triple check and yeah, per IMDb and Wikipedia it is Marcia.

    Ok, back to cats – they are so cute!! Hm, lets see today I love, um, I can’t pick today. I love all of them!! And oh I am so glad they are doing better – I am sure they will keep it up too!

    And Tommy in the garbage can is so funny – but that blue of the can makes the picture look super cool!

    And the banner looks great – it is nice and festive! With the kitten changes you have it has to be tough to try and have a current banner!

    Oh, and Robyn, I see you have a card address at the top, but I have a different address (from last year – probably your home I am guessing) which I am using if that is ok – if not let me know.

  5. For the record, “Marcia” is normally pronounced “Marsha” (just ask my mother). The “ci” pairing is another way of spelling the “sh” sound, just as you see Sean/Shaun/Cian (the traditional Irish spelling). MarSEEa is an uncommon pronounciation, usually done by someone’s mother trying to be a little different. Trust me, Sherwood Schwartz had it right!

  6. Oh wow!! Oh beautiful Cindy, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, Greg, Peter!! Oh wow!! Oh I am melting with their utter cuteness!!! Look at them all lined up eating!! AWWWWW! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great news about Bobby and Jan!! Fingers crossed that the diarrhea goes away and no more baby wipes!! Awwww!! Even that’s so cute!! Is there anything they do that isn’t cute?!?!?!?!? lol!!

    I love your banner – it’s very chrismassy!!! Hello there Tommy in the garbage can! ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care

  7. Your new fosters are so adorable. I really hope that diarrhea goes away soon. After we took Lucy home, she had diarrhea for a little while. We talked to the vet, gave her pro-biotics and lots of love and attention. She got better very soon :). Hope your little ones get better in no time. I would love to share this wonderful foster story on my blog. you are such an inspiration. Sending a lot of love and purrs to you guys!