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Thistle (looking at the camera), in the midst of some reallllly stressed out Pickles.

Petey and Thistle, doin’ the snuggle thang.

Petey, with tongue.

I couldn’t find Petey, Thistle, and Purslane one evening, and went through the house twice before I thought to look in the laundry room. Silly monkeys.

Ignore the yellowish fur around Dandi’s ears – she’s got an ear infection and the medicine is making her whites less than white.

Purslane and Thistle.

Smiling girlies.

Purslane and Petey. Petey really likes those little Weedlings.

One day all the Pickles and all the Weeds are going to cram themselves in this cat bed on my desk, and I will take 73,000 pictures.

Dandelion and Joe.

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In his cardboard boat, Newt is adrift in a sea of dirty shoes.


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10-8-12 — 26 Comments

  1. “One day all the Pickles and all the Weeds are going to cram themselves in this cat bed on my desk, and I will take 73,000 pictures.” That picture made me smile….. a slice of heaven.

  2. What a wonderfully soothing set of photos. Remind me again why there isn’t a Nobel Prize for Kitty Pics? Poor little Dandelion, though — I hope she’s almost through her course of antibiotics and that everyone else is ear-problem free.

    • She’s not crazy about the drops in her ears, but she never stops purring when I’m putting them in. Luckily, she’s the only one with the issue – they had really bad ear mites when we first got them, but now she’s the only one having an issue. It’s definitely gotten better since we started the meds!

        • Happy Columbus Day! (Would you believe that I didn’t realize until you posted that comment that today is Columbus Day? Fred didn’t get the day off, so I had no idea.)

  3. Boy, you can really tell that these two groups of kittens just want absolutely nothing to do with one another.

    • I think that the tiny Thistle is partaking of Magoo’s body heat. I suspect that while she’s warming up, they’re probably plotting, too. Most likely about the best way to trip me when I’m walking down the stairs at Snackin’ Time.

  4. The Percy/Thistle lovefest is now my wallpaper at work. It threatens to make me very sleepy.

  5. Ahhh Newt got me this morning – love the face and the fact that he seems to be saying, “Why yes, I DO fit in this insy tinsy box. So what of it?” Good one…

  6. Dandelion appears to have a crush on Joe. πŸ™‚

    I have done that before…got all the kittens put away for the night and realized I was missing one. Spend all this time looking for them and when you finally do, they are all “What, I was right here the entire time?”

  7. I love Purslane’s face in the laundry room pic. “Oh. Great. You found us. Thanks, I guess.”

    Such a funny little monkey-kitteh!

    • Might be even a bit too big. When all your parts can fit in the box comfortably, is it really the right size? πŸ™‚