1-21-20 Tuesday

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In case you missed it on social media…

Natalia was adopted yesterday!

We found out that she’d already been spayed (and wasn’t microchipped) on Wednesday. On Thursday, a family came to meet her. She was great with them, rubbed up against them immediately, purred, rolled around on her back. She was exactly what they were looking for, and I think they were exactly what SHE was looking for.

I delivered her yesterday, and that girl came out of the carrier and stomped around every inch of that house. She is going to be spoiled rotten! (Yesterday afternoon she was getting all the pettins from her new little boy, and loving it.)

This is the fastest adoption we’ve had – from a “possibly pregnant” stray to “oops, already spayed” and adopted in 9 days. She is one lucky girl.

Here are the rest of the pictures I took of her before she went home.

Look at her, perking up the instant I walked through the door.

“Oh, is it snuggle time? Well, you weren’t on my calendar, but I suppose I can make time!”

She is one gorgeous girl.

I had to literally sneak up on her to get a picture of her lying in that bed.

They’re planning to keep her name as Natalia.

And we are taking a break from fostering. Not a long one, but I’ve got a lot of stuff to get done this week and early next week, so at least a week. The permanent residents are already hanging out in the foster room again, of course.


Speaking of our adopted fosters, look at these little faces.

Josephine, so smug.

Gabrielle and Josephine: eyes on the prize.

(Thanks, Celeste!)


That’s okay Khal. It’s only FREEZING out there, you go ahead and take your time deciding whether you actually want in or not. I’ll just stand here with the window open.


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1-21-20 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. You probably don’t have this on record but I was just curious if you have any idea how many times you were going to “take a break from fostering” and then that break either never happened (or it got interrupted) due to –surprise!– fosters 😀

    • I’m not sure I can count that high. 😀 I usually try to take a break in January for a few weeks, but the kittens don’t usually leave and come back quite as often as these guys did. Last year I think I made it to about mid-month before I called it off.

  2. Those girls need a bird feeder in the window, for Earls squirrel cousins to come and entertain them. LOL So happy to hear about Natalia – looks like that little boy is just what she needed.

  3. YAY for Natalia! She’s such a pretty girl.

    Can you post a photo of the outdoor shelters you have/had? A little black cat (smaller than fully grown, but bigger than a kitten) was in our backyard today and seems to have a bit of a limp. I put out 2 cans of food for him/her and he/she gobbled it down. I’m thinking it’s a stray and we’re having some really cold weather. I’d like to set up a place for her to stay warm and, hopefully, gain her trust enough to take her to the vet. Thanks Robyn!!

    • Wwe have three of these houses in the back yard. They’re stuffed with straw, and even with it as cold here as it’s been the last couple of days (below freezing), Jake will stay out there and be toasty warm.

      However, what I’d recommend for you is to buy a Rubbermaid (or comparable) container, cut a door in one end, and stuff it with straw. Here’s a picture of what we had at Crooked Acres, and not only did Archie sleep in there when he first showed up, we had raccoons and possums occasionally take shelter there as well. The straw keeps them warmer than you’d expect (just be sure the opening is turned so that the wind can’t blow in.)

  4. Natalia, we are just so happy for you. That was really quick and we hope you enjoy your new forever home. Khal, we hope you come back in. It’s just too cold outside. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.

  5. With the way cats take forever to go out or come in, I see myself often as butler to the cat.