1-14-21 Thursday

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Canasta’s belly seems to be listing to [quick Google search] starboard.

She is such a snuggly little goof.

“Those people have a little dog in their yard, lady. Not sure I approve.”

She’s still not caring for Charlie, but now she waits a few minutes before she starts growling (whereupon we put Charlie out of the room. Canasta’s making the calls, and if she doesn’t want him in there, out he goes.)

Her playful side is coming out.


It was COLD outside yesterday, so instead of staying inside on one of the dozens of heated beds, Jake opted to hang out in one of the houses in the back yard. AS YOU DO.


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1-14-21 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. Here’s how I remember port and starboard : I left port when I sailed away. So if left =port then right must = starboard. No Google search needed. You’re welcome.

  2. Another way to remember it is the word posh, which literally originated from the trip to India during the British occupation. It stands for Port Out, Starboard Home, and refers to the fact that the expensive cabins were always on the north side of the ship, which meant that they were always in the shade, and therefore cooler, so that one had to be wealthy to afford them.

  3. That first photo makes Canasta look like she might really be preggers. Jake reminds me of my Goober. He’ll sit on or right by the heat vents like he’s cold, but begs to go out in the garage where it’s just above freezing and then doesn’t want back in. Not sure if it’s a cat thing or a guy thing.

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