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Miss Alice, curled up in a cat bed inside a cat bed, on top of my bed.

Bobby Brady, with attitude.

Alice again, at the end of my bed. You’d think I turn my electric blanket on during the day so they can keep warm or something.

Sleepy Bradys (sweet Cindy Brady, making sure Jan stays clean.)

Tiny Cindy Brady. Oh, she makes me want to squeeze the stuffing out of her.

Cindy, flopped across my feet. Peter, sniffing my feet.

Greg and Marcia.

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Two videos today, both of them Jake-centric. The Bradys are present in both videos, too. That Loony Jake sure can jump!

YouTube link

YouTube link

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Rhyme and Tommy, keeping warm.


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1-14-11 — 17 Comments

  1. Love the videos! My Sweetpea does the spastic back and forth head movement thing, too. I sometimes fear she’ll stick like that!

    But it’s great to see how athletic Jake is. He’s not just a lover!

    And I love all the rest of the photos. Thanks!

  2. Oh my, that loony jake is so funny. I just love the head action. And who is the kitten hiding in the bed in the jumping video?

  3. You do realise that laughing at a cat is a serious crime in all countries, don’t you? (Hope your cell is comfier than mine!)

  4. Oh, kitten paws tucked in like that is just the cutest thing. That Cindy Brady is a doll alright. Don’t squeeze the stuffing out of her, please.

    • I agree, I love it when they tuck their paws. I’ll TRY not to squeeze the stuffing out of her, but no promises. 😉

  5. Thank you so much Miss Robyn! I needed that so badly this week. Can you give Jake a big hug from Denver?

  6. LOL!!!Awwww the shaking head thing is hilarious!! They’re all doing it!!!!! Yay!! Awww Jake is adorable with the kitties – he really is lovely!!!!!

    Thanks for the pics and clips – amazing as always! Take care

  7. Im not sure if you answered this or not, but how is Alice fitting in with the rest of the Bradys? Seems by the pictures they’re doing well!

  8. I had a horrible day at work yesterday and took today off. Seeing Jake having so much wild abandon at trying to land the toy was hilarious! Love the Bradys having fun. I too did the fly the toy around in the air to get the “swivel” head effect. I was laughing hysterically the first time my two cats did that.

  9. Those videos remind me of a kitten we had who would chase the toy around and around in a circle until she fell down dizzy.

  10. As for Alice in the bed in the bed on the bed….it’s like the Princess And The Pea!
    I make my kitties get the bobble-head, too….and I laugh as much as you do. Easy to achieve with a hand held laser light.
    Jake is quite athletic.
    Those green mats are perfect for the kitty gymnastics!!!