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Estimated date of birth: 3-1-16

Dewey came to us in November 2016 as a foster. Susan (at Challenger’s House) had him at the shelter, and he was such a scaredy cat that she asked if Fred would work with him and maybe get him to a more confident, less scaredy-cat state.

(Before he ended up at Challenger’s House, he’d been discovered living rough in an industrial park along with three other cats; we assume they were dumped there.)

He was an extremely timid kitty at first, but with some hard work on Fred’s part, he came around. He tends to still be skittish with me, but he adores Fred and can be found sleeping on his lap while we watch TV pretty much every night. During the day, he acts like he’s terrified of me, but sometimes at night he comes to me and asks to be petted, and on the occasion that I find him sleeping on the couch and very slowly join him, he’ll flop against my leg and his secret is out: he doesn’t hate me.

He loves Fred, but he also loves other cats. He adored our permanent residents on sight, and can often be found playing with Jake and Alice, and sometimes Stefan. The other cats don’t appear to have any issues with him at all, and he loves to play uncle to the fosters.

After fostering him for about a month, we decided that we couldn’t stand the idea of him at Petsmart, terrified, and since he got along with the other cats so well, we made him a permanent resident.

Main Permanent Residents Page