I’m sorry I scared some of you with my entry yesterday, but I can promise you that if Spot (or any of the cats) passes on, I will absolutely NOT do a FUNNY entry about it. Promise!


Dear Peoples of the Innernets Readers:

Thank you very much for your well-wishes, I greatly appreciate them. I am feeling a little better – I still like to hang out by my own self all the time, but occasionally I come out of hiding and sit and stare with great love at The Daddy for a while before I slink off for some privacy – and even The Momma thinks my eyes are brighter and I don’t look so ratty.

Even though I never did look ratty, and I hate her.

So thank you for your good wishes, and I will try to make that awful woman take more pictures of my beauty and put them up so you can be amazed by me on a more regular basis.

Now, if you don’t mind, I was in the middle of napping, so go away.


Spot J. And3rson.

PS: For those concerned, Snackin’ Time has been reinstated. I hardly think it’s fair that EVERYONE BUT ME gets Snackin’ Time, but The Daddy distracts me while the other cats eat their Snackin’ Time, and I do enjoy a good brushing. The weird lady said that she couldn’t stand the sad faces at Snackin’ Time, which surprised me because I thought she was not only weird, but heartless. Guess I was wrong about the heartless part.


Newtles and his stuck-out tongue.


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